WeSafe Customer and Training Portal

In our customer and training portal, you can find guides and trainings for your WeSafe licenses, as well as lots of apps, templates, feeds and resources.

Find the solution in the Customer Portal

In our customer and training portal, you can find guides and trainings for your WeSafe licenses, as well as lots of apps, templates, feeds and resources. Everything is free to download and start using in your business.

Here you and your colleagues can turn to find solutions, learn new things and download useful resources to help you become more efficient.

You can access our customer portal in your web browser but, like the support chat, it can be added as an app to Teams for easy access. Contact us and we will add it to your Microsoft Teams environment free of charge.


Why reinvent the wheel?

To offer a customer portal with resources and guides is nothing new, but we would argue that our customer portal provides added value that is unique in its kind with access toa to apps, automated flows and templates that we have developed ourselves or together with our customers.

Do we give away our customers' apps? Yes and no. These are features and flows that we see virtually every business needs, so instead of reinventing the wheel every time a customer asks for a solution that we already have outdeveloped, we make it available to everyone in the customer portal. If you want to take the generic app straight out of the box, or perhaps customise it to your specific circumstances, that's perfectly fine.

In our customer portal you will find things that most companies need, such as apps for contract management, semesterapplications etc.

In our Customer Portal you will find, among other things

  • Download apps for more efficient management
  • Ready-made documents and templates
  • Guides and trainings
  • Checklists, agreements and handbook
  • Latest news on WeSafe

Want to know more about the WeSafe Customer and Training Portal?

Full company training portal

The education portal is another important part of our customer portal, where you will find guides and videos from both WeSafe and Microsoft. Microsoft has built an automated solution to continuously replenish the material they produce. By allowing you to opt out of topics that don't interest you, make your own playlists or sort by level of difficulty, it becomes a training portal for the whole company.

The portal can also be copied to your business to add your own material and have everything in one place. This can include instructional videos for your other systems, onboarding packages for new employees and guidance through specific processes.

We update our customer portal frequently and when you visit the portal you will always find our latest news. If you would like to know more about how to use the WeSafe Customer and Training Portal and how to access it, please contact us.

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Since its inception, we have specialised in Microsoft cloud services and how they can take IT from a support function to a central role in business development. Our clear focus and specialisation has given us important experience and excellence in the field.

With our fixed-price contract, you don't have to think about in-house training and retraining of consultants, instead you get access to our collective expertise with experts in each field.

With WeSafe Wifi flat rate service, we ensure you have a flexible, powerful and reliable wireless network. We ensure functionality, monitor and respond to any malfunctions.

Want to know how we can help your business with the WeSafe Customer and Training Portal? Get in touch and we'll tell you more!

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