Microsoft 365 as a service

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Microsoft 365 as a service

In recent years, the way we work has changed fundamentally. We need to be able to do our work at any time and from anywhere. At the same time, the need to work together has increased. Supporting this culture is a major challenge, made no less so by the need to take account of ever-increasing digital threats.

With Microsoft 365 as a service, you get:

  • Ensuring that the infrastructure is secure and up to date
  • Reporting basis for improvement opportunities and roadmap
  • Access to Microsoft 365 expertise
  • Get an overview of the organisation's strengths and weaknesses in the platform

The Challenge

Microsoft 365 has become more or less a standard to live up to. A new challenge has become managing the platform, which is constantly evolving. The tools and opportunities to be productive on the platform are becoming more and more numerous, and no matter the industry or size of your organization, you have to expect to be exposed to intrusions. The challenge will be to have order, structure and processes for all the tools while keeping track of countless configurations and security settings.

How will you and your organisation manage to embrace all the new tools and opportunities to ensure efficiency and future competitiveness? How will you maintain the necessary security without compromising productivity? How will you keep up with the ever-changing compliance requirements? How do you ensure compliance?

Why Microsoft 365 as a service?

With our Microsoft 365 as a Service package, you get the tools, process and structure you need to optimise the use of the Microsoft 365 platform. The service ensures your productivity and that you maintain adequate security, while also complying with applicable requirements and regulations.

We measure and analyse your organisation's use of the platform and how the different parts are configured. The measurements, together with analysis from our experts, generate reports, with simple and clear metrics on how your organisation is performing in the areas of security, productivity and compliance. You'll also get concrete actionable suggestions on how to improve your environment.

Based on metrics, analysis and concrete action plans, you get the structure, expertise and strategic advice you need to stay evergreen in the platform. You'll also get clear metrics that allow you to continuously track the status and progress of your work

The environment is graded into different segments

When our specialists review your environment, it is graded into different segments, which you can read more about below and in the following scale, Green, Yellow and Red. Within the segments that require improvement, we will report on the actions to be taken and follow up the results by continuously measuring your values.

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What do you get with Microsoft 365 as a service?


Using the Microsoft Secure Score along with analytics from our security team, we grade your security in M365. Examples of what is measured and analysed include email, chat, file and device protection. We also look at the security configuration of your platform to check things like that the global security settings are in line with the settings recommended by Microsoft, that there are no new threats that the environment is not protected against, and that no settings have been changed that put the environment at risk.

You can get a report on all your security settings in case of audit or to support compliance with e.g. ISO certification, GDPR etc. With Microsoft 365 as a service, you get the tools you need for an adequate "Secure Score" which is today a quality stamp for your organization's security


As a separate part of the "Microsoft Productivity Score" we measure your organisation's actual network performance against Microsoft services. Traditional speed measurements are not sufficiently accurate for organizations using the Microsoft 365 platform. High network speed is no guarantee that speed and productivity can be maintained for your organization when connecting to Microsoft cloud services.

With changing ways of working, it's not just the speed of the office that's important to your organisation. By measuring all traffic and assessing your organisation's speed, we can ensure that the user experience and productivity of the M365 work tools is optimal. The measurements are analysed by our network team, who develop action points to ensure that traffic takes the shortest route to your data in the cloud and doesn't hit any obstacles along the way.


Using the Microsoft Compliance Score along with analytics from our compliance team, we grade your compliance in M 365. Our metrics and analytics include settings for compliance with regulations such as GDPR and other regulations that your organization needs to comply with.

There are ready-made regulatory templates that we can activate in your environment and then this assessment will be included in your compliance assessment. Our assessments also include settings to protect data internally and externally. Examples of key settings that can be made include automatically preventing users from sharing sensitive personal data externally.

You can get a report for your compliance at the time of an audit or to support regulatory compliance. With Microsoft 365 as a service, you get the tools you need for an adequate "Compliance Score" which is today a quality stamp for your organisation's compliance with requirements and regulations


Microsoft 365 as a service gives you visibility into how your organisation works and how productive you are. We focus on the employee experience and user behaviour as well as the underlying technology.

With the Microsoft Productivity Score, along with analytics from our productivity team, we grade your productivity in M365. Examples of what is measured and analysed include how efficiently you conduct meetings, how files are shared, how effectively your organisation collaborates internally and externally.

The reports' clear metrics and analysis give you clear visibility, valuable insights and concrete suggestions for productivity improvements. It also serves as excellent decision support to ensure that the next investment is made where it has the highest impact. The continuous measurements show whether the efforts you are making are actually bearing fruit and whether your users are adopting and using your productivity investments.

Azure Security

With the Azure Secure Score together with analyses from our Azure team, we grade the security of your Azure subscription. By measuring data points in your environment and comparing them to best practice, your organisation gets a rating on the security of the environment. This provides significant cost benefits and ensures standardisation of the security of your Azure subscription.

Maintaining security in an infrastructure of self-configured firewalls, VPNs, databases, applications and servers has traditionally required significant effort. By taking advantage of the platform's centralised measurement points, the effort is significantly reduced. You also get good documentation and reporting capabilities that can be of great benefit in demonstrating good security and compliance with regulations such as GDPR etc.

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The new working world requires an ever-increasing range of devices and apps to maintain productivity. The increased use of mobile devices, coupled with the increasing merging of the personal and work spheres, means that your organisation's information assets are being exposed in entirely new ways.

Since its inception, we have specialised in Microsoft cloud services and how they can take IT from a support function to a central role in business development. Our clear focus and specialisation has given us important experience and excellence in the field.

With our fixed-price contract, you don't have to think about in-house training and retraining of consultants, instead you get access to our collective expertise with experts in each field.

We know that lost data can be very costly. This can include external factors such as viruses and ransomware, but also unfortunate user mistakes. As a Microsoft 365 user, you have a built-in "default backup" to recover lost or deleted items within a time-limited period.

What suits you and your organisation best?

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21-100 users

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100+ users

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