Security as a service

Security as a Service - We maintain your organisation's security in Microsoft 365

Price: 95 kr/month and user

WeSafe secures your devices and users

Responding to threats and attacks against the business, which is unfortunately on the increase, must be a priority in organisations today. A major challenge is to manage the constantly evolving platform, to have control over countless configurations and security settings? Maintaining the security of your Microsoft 365 environment is not something you can take care of later, it has to be done now.

With security as a service from WeSafe, you get:

  • Configuring Microsoft Defender for business
  • E-mail security settings
  • Security monitoring and response to attacks and threats

Why Security as a Service?


Every year, small and medium-sized enterprises are exposed to intrusion attempts. With the rapid development of technology, cyber threats and data breaches are also increasing rapidly. With Security as a Service, we help you with security settings and protect your Microsoft 365 environment. The service gives you complete protection with Microsoft Defender and includes development, maintenance and configuration of the service.

Security settings are also set for your email, to protect against external threats and to ensure that the organisation is trusted.

We automate and neutralize threats around the clock, and act manually on those that require manual handling. If we receive an alarm, we act immediately to resolve the problem. As a customer, you should feel safe and secure while we manage and keep you safe.

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Security as a service to your organisation

Microsoft defender

Microsoft Defender for Business is a complete protection for Windows, iOS, Android and MacOS included in Microsoft 365 Business premium. Our service includes development, maintenance and configuration of the service. It also includes monitoring for alerts and threats, and response to security threats by our security team.

Read more about the complete protection here: Microsoft Defender for Business

E-mail security settings

Setting up Email security according to best practice is an important function for organisations today. Partly to protect against external threats such as phishing but also to ensure that you are a trusted organisation by those you exchange email communications with.

Our service includes setting up your email, ensuring that the settings follow best practice.

Security monitoring and response to attacks and threats

Through our central security monitoring, we monitor your environment and are alerted to security threats. Our security team acts on these threats and takes appropriate action to eliminate the threat.

Backed by Microsoft's entire security team and best practices, we automate and neutralise threats 24/7 and act manually on those that require manual handling.

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Many organizations struggle with technical challenges in project work, especially in communication, document management, planning and budgeting. This can lead to delays, budget overruns and frustrated team members. We give you the tools to help you plan, organize and monitor your projects effectively.

Microsoft has established itself as a leading player in AI services, and we at WeSafe are committed to leveraging this to give our customers a competitive advantage.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a critical technology for businesses worldwide, and by implementing third-party AI solutions, companies can transform their operations. AI-based tools enable the automation of time-consuming processes, improved decision-making and increased efficiency.

As the digitalisation of our work increases, so does our need for digital systems. This in turn requires more from our employees who have to learn to work on multiple platforms, systems with multiple logins.

Many company leaders often have a vision of what it should be and how it wants to be perceived. In many cases, there is no strategy and no measurable goals that show what employees should actually do to bring the company closer to the vision. With our offer WeSafe Goals, you can easily get all employees to work towards the same goal.

WeSafe Intranet is the ultimate service for creating a simple and user-friendly platform for communication and collaboration within your company. You can access intranet communication and company resources directly in Teams, regardless of device. The service ensures that every employee has access to the tools they need to stay updated and informed.

We maintain the security of your Microsoft 365 environment by monitoring your organisation's environment. We act as soon as we receive an alert and fix the problem.

With Power Platform's business applications, functions and automations can be created by the employees, for the employees. Power Platform opens up new ways for our employees to improve their own business processes.

As part of the agreement, we ensure that your apps and processes are optimised and kept up to date with platform developments and new releases.

With Microsoft Power Apps, we create customised apps for your organisation. WeSafe builds professional apps, to help you streamline and grow your organisation.

Curious about security as a service

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