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The new world of work

The new world of work requires an increasing range of devices andappsto maintain productivity. As a result, the amount of mobile technology in the workplace has increased dramatically. Today, you're using more devices, across more connections than ever before, and the network perimeter extends to wherever your employees are. Your increased use of mobile devices, coupled with the increasing merging of the personal and work spheres, means that your organisation's information assets are being exposed in entirely new ways. This raises new questions about security.

With WeSafe Device Management you get:

  • Protected and secure devices
  • GDPR safeguarding with key policies
  • Central control and restriction of corporate data
  • Central control and management of devices, apps and applications
  • Automated device configuration

Effective device management

GDPR also sets high standards for the security of company information. Developments and threats to your business and its information, combined with the requirement to maintain aof productivity and efficiency means that the IT environment must evolve in line with the security threats facing your organisation. Effective device management plays a crucial role in the ability to comply with GDPR. With a centraliseddevice management, you will control and can restrict which devices andappsthat have access to company data, while giving you the ability to track data access in the event of a breach.

Efficient device management has many other benefits for the business. A unified environment with complete visibility and control results in reduced administration, increased security, optimised functionality and reduced support costs. Device inventory with the ability to track costs associated with usage and automated installations are further examples of the benefits of centralised device management.

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What does the GDPR say about device management?


Businesses must be able to account for which devices and apps have access to corporate data. In the event of a data breach, the business must be able to track data access and account for actions taken

Separate personal data from company data

Businesses are required to create a clear boundary between the user's personal data and the company's data

Protect devices from security threats

Central policies and security configurations shall be established for all devices and applications that have access to corporate data. Monitoring of device and application security compliance is also required.

What is included?

  • Devices (computers, tablets and phones) with GDPR compliant security policies and configurations
  • Protected devices with password protection, encryption, remote control and data deletion
  • Corporate branded devices
  • Central policy governing all data storage to GDPR secured surfaces
  • Central management of apps, information and applications
  • Central control and restriction of employee access to company data
  • Checking and monitoring to ensure compliance with GDPR requirements and company security requirements
  • Automated and free installation and configuration of new devices (requires Windows 10 and autopilot)
  • Central portal for inventory

Required license: Microsoft 365 Business or Enterprise Mobility + Security (or higher)

Requirements: Windows devices must be Windows 10 Pro or Windows 11 Pro

See which version of Windows you have (microsoft.com)

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Since its inception, we have specialised in Microsoft cloud services and how they can take IT from a support function to a central role in business development. Our clear focus and specialisation has given us important experience and excellence in the field.

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