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Reach your business goals with Microsoft Viva Goals

Employees who neither care about the company's goals nor understand how to contribute to them themselves. Teams that work in their own silos without collaborating with other parts of the organisation. Unfortunately, this is the stark reality in many companies, and it's not helped by having parts of the workforce working from home.

With Microsoft Viva Goals, you can help all your employees and teams focus on the organisation's main goals, helping them to understand their roles and ensure that they work in a consistent and goal-oriented way.

This is part of the WeSafe offer:

  • Start-up and Workshop with WeSafe Productivity Specialists
  • Implementation of Viva Goals
  • Building the OKR Teams Community with a project plan and how to get started
  • Workshop for setting company-specific objectives
  • Training (pilot group) so you can get started and work with your set goal management in Viva Goals
  • Monthly reconciliation for 3 months (after training)

Microsoft Viva - Goals

Microsoft Viva is the Employee Experience platform that puts employee knowledge, engagement and well-being at its core. Viva Goals is a module within Microsoft Viva and helps companies set effective goals and guide employees towards them.

Microsoft Viva Goals makes it possible to ensure that all teams are in sync and working towards the same overall goals. By setting effective business goals and tracking progress at all levels, from individual employees, through teams and departments all the way to the company's strategy, long-term goals and vision. Viva Goals highlights clear priorities and directs users' focus towards tasks that are expected to have the greatest impact on the desired outcome. The solution is based on OKR (Objectives and Key Results), a goal management framework used by many large companies around the world.

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Why Microsoft Viva - Goals?

Common strategy

Helps create a common strategy and direction for the organisation, increasing employee motivation and engagement


Ability to integrate with other tools in Microsoft 365, creating a seamless workflow in Teams - all in one place

Common goals

Viva Goals improver communication and collaboration within the organisation in your 365 environmentbecause everyone has a common understanding of what is expected and how they can contribute to achieving common goals

Improve your results

By integrating OKR with tools such as Planner, Excel and Power BI, the team can easily collect and analyze data on goal achievement and use that information to improve performance

Automatic follow-up

Automatic monitoring and reporting of progress and changes, including visual representations and key performance indicators to get an overview

Easy to use

Because Viva Goals has a user-friendly interface with clear navigation and overview of goals, tasks and reports, it is easy for users to use and integrate into their daily lives

What is included in our WeSafe Goals - Microsoft Viva service?

Viva Goals


  • We start the project with a workshop-based meeting with WeSafe's productivity specialists

We'll go through how you work with objectives today, what tools and resources you use. Then we will show the benefits of OKR in your organisation and how Viva Goals in MS 365 can simplify and strengthen your work.

  • Implementation of Viva Goals + building the OKR Teams Community with a project plan & support to get you started

Set up according to bestpractice and WeSafe experience, the project plan is based after our first workshop supported by Microsoft recommendations and WeSafe experience.

  • Workshop for setting company-specific objectives in your Viva Goals that follow the recommendations

Now that you who have participated in the project have learned the basics of OKR, we will together set up examples of OKR that you can build on. We will go through the Viva Goals in your environment and help you set them up. We will also go through and set up a plan for your group to start using Viva Goals and the OKR methodology according to best practice.

We'll start with a pilot group so we can quickly find what works for you and what needs to be improved. This is so that we can later implement it in more departments and the whole company.

  • Training for the pilot group (which we have secured since the previous meeting) to get started with your OKR trip

During the training, we review what has been decided in previous sessions from management and train according to your needs, objectives and technical conditions. We go through the basics of OKR and Viva Goals, show how an OKR process can look like in your company and how you get started with OKR and Viva Goals.

  • After training, three monthly reviews are included to get you started in the best possible way

At the scheduled monthly meetings, we'll review to make sure everything is working as planned, then decide on the next step in your Viva Goals journey.

Would you like to know how we can help your company with the implementation of Viva Goals? Get in touch and we'll tell you more!

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