WeSafe Sensitivity labels

Price: for standard version, fixed price SEK 12 000

(The product is also part of Microsoft 365 Evergreen and setup is then included in the service)

What need do sensitivity labels meet?

Users in your organisation collaborate on documents and email both internally and externally. This means that information is not always protected in one place but can be transported between users, apps, devices and services. When information is moved, whether public or sensitive, it is desirable that this is done in a secure manner that meets the organisation's business and regulatory compliance requirements. The use of sensitivity tags also generates reports that indicate where the company's sensitive data resides, depending on usage.

With WeSafe sensitivity labels you get the opportunity to:

  • Create a policy that forces users to choose a label
  • Create unique labels
  • Enabling the labels for Microsoft 365 - Groups and SharePoint sites
  • Create automated label management

What are sensitivity labels?

Sensitivity labels define the particular sensitivity of a document, email and even Microsoft 365 groups. This is done by allowing the user to apply a label which in turn contains a predefined framework of rules. By default:

General: Anyone can open and read files and emails.
Internal: Permission control that allows only company employees to open file and e-mail.
External: Anyone can open and read file and e-mail.
Confidential: Can only be opened by specified recipients who must authenticate themselves. Red watermark on documents and encryption.

In addition, it is possible to send e-mails encrypted and remove the possibility of forwarding e-mails.

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How do we get started?

WeSafe implements the above mentioned labels. We do this without user interaction and it happens in the background. You will then have the labels available in apps like Word, Excel and Outlook on devices like Windows, Mac, Android and iOS.

Is this all?

Once the infrastructure for sensitivity labels is in place, new opportunities open up for further development. Here here are a few examples:

  • A policy that forces users to choose a label. By having "internal" as the default, the user will have to make an active decision if company data should leave the organization, thus preventing data loss.
  • Create unique labels for e.g. HR , teachers or management, which only they can see and open.
  • Enable the labels for Microsoft 365 - Groups and SharePoint sites. These will then control the guest access rules depending on sensitivity.
  • Forcing the use of Power BI to make the user aware of protecting the content.
  • Ability to create automated label management.
  • Ability to apply labels to fileand schematized datasets i Azure Purview. like SQL, Azure SQL, Azure Synapse, Azure Cosmos, AWS RDS.

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In recent years, the way we work has changed fundamentally. We need to be able to do our work whenever and wherever it is needed. Microsoft 365 has become more or less a standard to meet these demands. A new challenge has become managing the platform which is in constant evolution. Read more about one of our most popular services right now!

The new working world requires an ever-increasing range of devices and apps to maintain productivity. The increased use of mobile devices, coupled with the increasing merging of the personal and work spheres, means that your organisation's information assets are being exposed in entirely new ways.

With our fixed-price contract, you don't have to think about in-house training and retraining of consultants, instead you get access to our collective expertise with experts in each field.

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