Microsoft 365 Evergreen+

We keep your
IT environment in top shape

Born in the cloud, we live as we learn, helping you maximise your investment in Microsoft cloud services

  • Future-proof your Microsoft 365 platform
  • Monitor and address security risks
  • Ensuring compliance
  • Increases business efficiency and productivity

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Is your IT environment lagging behind?

Most people only utilize a fraction of their IT platform. Microsoft 365 evolves at lightning speed, pushing out new updates and products every month. But it takes decisions and actions to keep your IT environment in step with the platform. Falling behind will hurt employee efficiency and ultimately your company's bottom line. With each passing month, your company accumulates more active security threats that sooner or later lead to incidents.

Keeping up with all this requires resources and skills, and an expensive consultancy won't solve the fundamental problem.

But there's a better alternative: Microsoft 365 Evergreen+.

Sit back and watch your IT thrive

With Microsoft 365 Evergreen+, you get Evergreen IT, device management and support. Three services that let you sleep well at night.

Microsoft 365 Evergreen

Our security team monitors your IT security, makes recommendations and takes important security measures on an ongoing basis.

Our compliance team ensures that companies comply with laws and regulations.

Our productivity team helps your users become more efficient.

We take care of your administration and update you every month on new regulations, security risks, releases and products.

Ord. price 350 kr/month & user

WeSafe Device Management

Hybrid working is on the rise and mobile devices are being used for more and more tasks.

WeSafe Device Management gives you:

  • Protected and secure devices
  • GDPR safeguarding with key policies
  • Central control and restriction of corporate data
  • Central control and management of devices, apps and applications
  • Automated device configuration

Ord. price 80 kr/month & user

WeSafe Support Agreement

With our support agreement, you and your users have access to our collective expertise.

With WeSafe Support Agreement you get:

  • Free user support on computers, phone and tablet (three devices per user)
  • Free support on business applications like Office and Microsoft 365
  • Action in case of alarm and preventive maintenance of devices

Ord. price 250 kr/month & user

Right now: order Microsoft 365 Evergreen+ for 550 kr/month per user.

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Want to see your company's scores?

Microsoft 365 continuously measures the productivity, security and compliance of your IT environment.
Each area is assigned a score from 0-100.

If you can't access your company's scores, ask your IT manager or IT provider to help you. Or schedule a free briefing with us.

RIGHT NOW Package offer: Microsoft 365 Evergreen+

  • WeSafe Microsoft 365 Evergreen (reg price 350 kr/month/user)
  • WeSafe Device Management (regular price 80 kr/month/user)
  • WeSafe Support Agreement (word price 250 SEK/month/user)

Price Microsoft 365 Evergreen+:

550 kr/month and user

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