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Support chat

Our chatbot is based on the latest AI technology GPT-3 and offers round-the-clock user support. We offer a chatbot that is more flexible and can answer a wide range of questions.

You can also use our chatbot around the clock for self-service, such as licence management, opening tickets, creating users and other tasks.

In addition to chat support with our AI-powered chatbot, we offer the possibility to chat with our support team for more specific questions and issues, you can reach them on weekdays between 8.00-17.00.


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Our support is manned weekdays between 08.00-17.00 on chat and phone, 040 - 626 75 10.

During other times, you can ask questions to our chatbot, make an appointment when you want us to contact you, open a case and use our self-service.


New: WeSafe Customer App

We have now launched the WeSafe Customer App, an app directly in Teams, where you as a user can access our self-service portals and perform automated support tasks at any time of the day or night. You can also get in touch and chat with our support team during office hours. 

The app is available to all our customers, customers with Evergreen+ and fixed price support contracts can open tickets and talk directly to our support team at no extra cost. For customers without these contracts, the app can be used for all parts, but chatting with support and opening a support case will be charged on an ongoing basis.

We're happy to install the app for you free of charge so it's readily available to you in Microsoft Teams. We also have a ready-made communication email for your users with information about the app and how to use it. The app works on all devices.

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Remote support with Teamviewer

To make it easier for us to help you remotely, we sometimes need to "see what you see" and we use Teamviewer, which you can easily download here:

Teamviewer Quick

Teamviewer for both Windows and Mac. Download for remote support

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Remote support for Android, tablet or phone. Download for remote support

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Remote support for Iphone and iPad. download for remote support

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Status & statistics

Azure Status

Check the status of your Microsoft Azure services

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Office 365 status

Check the status of your Office 365 subscription. Requires Admin rights in Office365.

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Security update

Keep up to date with news from MSB (the Swedish Civil Protection Agency) on security threats

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