5 tips on how to prepare your organization for Copilot in Microsoft 365

In a world that is changing at an increasingly rapid pace, organizations are faced with the choice of either leading the change or being left behind. Stepping into the future is not just a chance to keep up with the competition, but to truly create a competitive advantage. Microsoft has recently introduced a groundbreaking innovation, Copilot. Is your organization ready to step into the future and experience what Copilot in Microsoft 365 can do for you?

Here we will give you 5 tips on how to best prepare your organization for Copilot in Microsoft 365. This is about understanding how your daily work will change - not complicated technology.

Prepare your organization with the following 5 tips:

1. Understand the benefits of Copilot:
Before introducing something new, it's important to understand what benefits it can provide. Copilot is designed to act as a digital assistant, meaning it can help users with various tasks, from answering questions to facilitating administrative tasks.


2. training and workshops:
To ensure that all employees feel comfortable with Copilot, you may want to organize training sessions or workshops. This will help them become familiar with the new features and how they can use them effectively in their daily work.


3. Adapt workflows:
Introducing Copilot can be a great opportunity to review and adapt existing workflows. Copilot can facilitate many processes, so it is worth considering how best to integrate it.


4. Open up for feedback:
It is important to understand how employees experience Copilot in their daily work. Encourage feedback to find out what is working well and where there may be room for improvement.


5. Security and privacy:
While Microsoft has put user privacy and security at the forefront with Copilot, it is still important that employees are aware of best practices when it comes to data protection and security.


We are here for you!

We understand that the transition to new tools can feel overwhelming. But remember, as your IT partner, we are always here to help. Do you have questions, concerns or need support when it comes to implementing Copilot? Don't hesitate to contact us.

We are ready to guide your organization towards the workplace of the future with Copilot by your side.

Sofia Hägerklint
Sofia Hägerklint

Marketing Manager

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