Eltecno has streamlined operations with new modern IT solution from WeSafe

When the Skåne company Eltecno was in need of a new and better solution for their IT services, they contacted WeSafe. Since the collaboration began in 2021, WeSafe has implemented a number of Microsoft services that have given Eltecno a secure, modern and constantly updated IT solution with full cost control. The change has streamlined the daily work for all employees.

Since 1993, Eltecno, located in Vellinge, has been designing, engineering and manufacturing switchboards and LSP switchgear. The products are customised and used in residential, industrial, hospital and shopping centre applications. The company has 62 employees and operates mainly on the Swedish market, but it also has sales in Denmark.

Previous IT solution not up to scratch

To keep its operations running smoothly and efficiently, Eltecno uses several IT services. However, their existing solution was not working optimally. It felt archaic and was based on old technology that no longer met the needs of the business. In addition, more and more resources needed to be added all the time, driving costs through the roof without any noticeable improvements.

Slow response times from support, long contracts and poor communication with the supplier were other reasons why it was time for renewal. The supplier's focus was also often on technology over function, making it difficult for Eltecno to translate its needs into useful services.

The situation eventually became untenable and they needed to look for a new supplier.

"The costs were getting out of hand and it was too expensive. The solution we had also felt outdated and did not meet the needs of the business. We simply needed to find a new IT partner"

- Håkan Nilsson, CEO of Eltecno

Modern Microsoft services streamline operations

Eltecno contacted WeSafe who presented a new Microsoft-based solution. Microsoft's cloud-based services were new to Eltecno, which previously had a physical server, but they felt right for the company's needs and the partnership began in 2021. Since then, WeSafe has implemented a number of Microsoft services to help Eltecno make the most of technology in its daily work. The services in place so far are Microsoft 365 Desktop, Microsoft 365 as a Service, Microsoft 365 Backup, Device Management and Support Agreement - Fixed Price. In addition, WeSafe assists on an ongoing basis with things like IT policy and GDPR adaptations.

The new IT solution focuses on function over technology and on working proactively to improve and develop the platform. With WeSafe's services, Eltecno gets an infrastructure that is always secure and up-to-date - Evergreen - now and in the future. The new solution has already led to major improvements. Heavy Excel solutions have been replaced and, among other things, they have a new platform for calculations that works much better than the old one.

"The new Microsoft services have really given us a boost. Costs have come down considerably and we now have full control over expenditure. We also don't have to get stuck in long contracts, we don't have to have licences in the business system and we know that we always have fully updated IT systems with useful applications.

- Håkan Nilsson, CEO of Eltecno

It took different lengths of time for staff to get used to the new services, but now everyone is on board and it's working well. The fact that we can create tailor-made solutions for each employee is appreciated, says Håkan Nilsson and continues:

- Now we have a modern and efficient way to manage both documents and communication. Thanks to Teams, both internal and external communication has improved and it is possible to communicate quickly and smoothly with customers, suppliers and colleagues. We can also easily store and share information and documents instead of having to email each other back and forth. The fact that everything we need is always available in one place and searchable also saves a lot of time for everyone. In addition, we have been able to work easily from home during the pandemic and we can continue to do so now when needed. This flexibility helps our employees to make sense of their lives.

A long-term and well-functioning cooperation

In WeSafe, Eltecno has found an IT partner for the future:

- We are satisfied with both the solution and WeSafe. Their staff are very nice and speak in a way that makes you understand, which is not always the case with IT vendors. The cooperation is efficient and they are always available when we need them. Because their helpdesk can quickly connect to our systems, we can get help immediately if something happens," says Håkan Nilsson.

Sofia Hägerklint
Sofia Hägerklint

Marketing Manager

040 - 6267508sofiahagerklint@wesafe.se

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