How to reduce your company's carbon footprint with Microsoft services

The world faces major climate challenges. If temperatures are not to continue to rise, carbon dioxide emissions must be curbed. Fast. And in every way we can. One of the companies leading the way in improving environmental performance is Microsoft. The issue is high on their agenda and they have set ambitious new climate targets and made several innovative efforts to reduce both their own and their customers' impact on the environment. Services and tools that you and your company can also use in your everyday work to reduce your carbon footprint.

IT and all the technology we use today is one of the areas that has a big impact on the environment, but also one of the areas where the right decisions and changes can make a real difference.

As a step in the right direction, Microsoft unveiled in early 2020 its major new climate initiative focusing on carbon, water and biodiversity. Their environmental goals are ambitious: the company will be carbon negative by 2030 and by 2050 they will have removed more carbon from the environment than they have emitted since their inception in 1975. But they're not stopping at themselves. They will also help their customers reduce their impact on the environment and invest heavily in environmental innovation.

Microsoft's Sustainability Calculator gives you a full picture of your company's carbon footprint

One of the innovative tools that Microsoft has developed to help its customers improve their climate performance is the Microsoft Sustainability Calculator. Being able to measure and become aware of your carbon emissions in everyday life is the key to reducing them. Servers, firewalls, clients, mobile devices and all other IT equipment - each of them has an impact on the environment. And now you can keep track of exactly how much.

Using AI and advanced analytics, the Microsoft Sustainability Calculator gives you, the user of their cloud services, a simple and clear overview of your company's total carbon footprint. You'll get insights into how to reduce your emissions, useful templates, the ability to create emissions forecasts and simplified carbon reporting, among other things. In addition, you can get concrete advice on how your company can act to minimise its carbon footprint.

One example is the purchase of IT equipment. Let's say you're buying a hundred new laptops for your employees and you want the investment to have as little carbon impact as possible. Then you can use the Microsoft Sustainability Calculator to see what impact a particular laptop model would have on the environment compared to another model. Based on this data, you can then make decisions about investing in the computers that have the least impact. A choice that can make a big difference in the long run.

Moving services to the cloud and creating big benefits for the environment

Another area that can bring significant environmental benefits is moving company applications from an on-premises data centre to the cloud, for example by switching to Microsoft 365. Such a change can reduce a company's carbon emissions by as much as 72-98%. Being able to contrast different scenarios makes the effects clear and provides a good basis for making wise decisions for the future. What's more, the climate tools are easy to add to the Microsoft services your business already has, so you can get up and running quickly.

And the gains don't stop at IT. You can also get accurate reports on the carbon footprint of your business in other areas.

Get started with Microsoft Sustainability services you too

For us at WeSafe, the environment is also high on the agenda and as a partner of Microsoft we are delighted with their major commitment to the climate issue that is so vital to us all. We've already started helping several of our cloud customers get up and running with services that improve their sustainability performance. And demand is high - many are eagerly in the starting blocks, asking how they can get started.

For those customers who are on their way, we are already seeing tangible results. Several of those who have started using Microsoft's climate tools say they have a wow factor when they see how easy it is to produce extremely detailed reports when all the data is in the cloud. Getting the same precise data would be impossible with a local data centre or a smaller hosting provider. They're also happy to have full visibility into their company's carbon footprint, something they often had no idea about before. IT departments can hand over the reports to company management, who can use these insights to make wise decisions for the future and the good of our planet.

Contact us today if you too want to get started implementing Microsoft's carbon footprint reduction services. Together, we can make a difference.

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