Unique reports underpin WeSafe's Productivity as a Service offering

Throughout the history of the digital world there are no equivalent to the unique productivity reports that Microsoft 365 can offer. At the organization-, departments- and down to the individual level, it is possible to determine whether existing resources and tools in system are used in the best possible way. Accessible to all - and with the option of further support from us at WeSafe by ordering our packaged measureservice.

It has already been possible to view security and compliance scores(Secure Score) in the Microsoft 365 Administration Center. The next step has been to allow the user and the organisation to see the Productivity Score

The goal for anyone moving their business to the cloud should be to increase productivity. To date, there has been little monitoring or evidence to evaluate the level of productivity. Now this functionality is available and built into the Microsoft platform.

Measuring productivity

Productivity is an important key performance indicator and refers to the measurement of performance in relation to the consumption of resources required for that performance. One way to measure productivity is fThe ability to manage limited resources, which can be measured as outputs divided by inputs. Examples of productivity measures are the number of products produced divided by the number of hours taken. High productivity gives the company a high level of competitiveness which can lead to a high profit.

The same goes for working in Microsoft 365. It's about putting time to get the best possible results. It is better to do the right things and use the most convenient features instead for doing the wrong things and wasting time on things that don't lead to progress.

Microsoft gathers experience

The built-in productivity overview is available in the administration centre. Anyone who wants to create their own overview of how the organisation Productivity Score looks like. Microsoft bases the score on how millions of companies all over the world work in the same system.

How to use communication tools such as email and chat in Teams? How works collaboration between members of the organisation and external contacts? How do the mobile devices in the business work?

Productivity is measured in a wide range of parameters, and the score is based on data that Microsoft has collected using AI from other organisations and the real data recorded in your licence that has seen how you work. This is analysed and compared in your score and from this you will receive advice on how you can change the way you work to achieve higher scores in the future. All of this is built in and available in a report in the Office 365 admin centre.

Do it yourself - or let WeSafe help

But if everything is there, then there's no need for an external partner, is there? The answer is simple: No, you don't need help if you have the time, knowledge and the will to do it yourself. You can access it your own reports and recommendations today.

However, at WeSafe we can can help to take the analysis one level further. Our work with hundreds of other clients gives us the opportunity to compareyour productivity scores with organisations that are active here, in the Nordics, and that work in the same way as you do. Microsoft's evidence base includes more companies, but many of them have operations in other markets, which makes the comparison is not as relevant. We also take more account of your specific business and can help identify your challenges or pains to put the right measures in the right place.

Another advantage is that our experts have extensive experience in interpreting and producing analyses and reports. This saves time and money compared to assigning staff to do the same job. Productivity Score consists of user- and technology analysis that answers how efficiency of the tools used but also, for example, how fast the network is for users and how the quality of the video meetings. WeSafe looks at user behaviour but also at how the technology supports users.

What is included in Productivity as a Service?

If you choose to go ahead with us at WeSafe to manage the reporting of your productivity scores, this includes including the following:

  • Monthly review of your scores
  • You get a rwith actions in priority order
  • Ecomparison between your score versus other organizations that are similar in size
  • En playlist of movies from Microsoft and WeSafe which includes training actions and materials that we recommend.

The report we produce is basically standardized; then adds we add a layer that applies your data.

So you just have to choose: Start getting acquainted with the Microsoft 365 productivity service on your own. If it takes: contact us. No matter how you choose to do the most important thing, however, is to really start looking at these analytics. Without regular follow-up, you may productivity scoresa change and become lower and with low productivity in your IT use you also risk the overall productivity of your business.

The concrete action plan you get by engaging us should have a positive impact on productivity. For example, two hours of time saved per employee will mean lower personnel costs and more time. In the past, it has cost an organisation a lot of money to find out if it is working well and correctly. It no longer does. 

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