WeSafe 2.0: all the IT support you need right in Teams

We want to meet our customers where they are. You shouldn't have to go to an IT provider's website and look up their customer service to get something done or get help. So as a user, you can now interact with us in an environment you're used to - Teams.  

Everything you need is here: order mobiles, computers and licenses and generate customer-specific reports. Chat directly with our helpdesk or let our smart, automated ticketing system help you. Anytime - 24/7 IT support is included. 

Whether you are a WeSafe customer or not, welcome to take a tour!


IT support with 24/7-support with automaticbed case management

Our customers often have flexible working hours and now we can offer our IT support through 24/7 support without you having to pay the usual support costs (24/7 support is usually anything but free). With a traditional support contract, you pay a cost per case, even if it's just to install a printer. Instead, we focus on streamlining our customers' work and saving them time.

Using the Power Virtual Agent which is part of the Microsoft 365 Power Platform, we can automate our support and IT support to you and simple administrative tasks. Vur programmable bot can now not only retrieve information like many other bots, but actually do things for you. perform things for you in your own IT environment in Microsoft 365.

In many cases it is easier and faster to solve the problem yourself without having to contact a person or wait for a response from a technician. If you want, you can always get personal contact and talk to a competent member of our team.

It's easy to perform simple tasks like deleting a user or adding a printer. For example, if you are onboarding an employee and want to add a user, you can do it directly in our Teams App. And even if someone leaves and you want to share the mailbox and Onedrive with another user.


WeSafe customer app support chat

Overview of the WeSafe customer app


Our automated workflows have been shown to eliminate caseloads by up to 60%.

When you log in via the bot to your Microsoft 365 account, it knows which company you belong to and customizes the environment to you and your business. We document everything users do, from passwords to saved files. For example, if you want to connect to the network, the system knows what your network is and what your Wi-Fi password is. If a lot of people have the same problem or question during a month, we add this as a regular case for your company. From then on, all your users will be able to get help with the problem or question at any time of the day or night.


Customer Dashboard

An administrator of Microsoft 365 can keep track of the health of the company's IT environment via dashboards, or dashboards. An up-to-date score from red to green shows the company' ss safety, regulatory compliance, productivity and network performance. It also tracks the company's carbon footprint.

If you have our service Microsoft 365 Evergreen our teams will help you improve your IT with the goal of greening all areas. And we've found, quite rightly, that those who have it are consistently doing better.

You can also see a list with a log of all your support cases and security alerts. It shows everything that has happened, including alerts (which may be due to someone clicking on a malicious link, for example). If you have Evergreen 365, WeSafe will act on the alarm in accordance with best practice.


Customer dashboard - overview

Customer dashboard - overview of data


The dashboard also gives you an overview of all hardware devices. For example, we continuously measure how long it takes for each user to start their computer and log in. If the user experience is too poor, the device is flagged as slow. The system also keeps track of when devices need to be replaced, which ones don't meet the company's IT rules or are getting too old.

You can quickly filter out devices that need replacing and click through to our webshop to order them.

Customer dashboard - overview of devices



In our webshop you can at any time buy computers, mobile phones or other devices. When you visit the download it the right now best prices from the three largest distributors in Sweden. When you order skicked theyirectly to the address you provided. Installation and configuration is done automatically using the Microsoft Autopilot. If your company hhas a Microsoft 365 Business Premium license will be sent to youe applications as belonging to the device out directly when the user who will have it logs on.

Overview of webshop and items available for purchase

Overview of webshop


Licensing portal

Microsoft's licenses, as you know, can bea a right tricky jungle. In our licensing portal you get an overview of all your Microsoft licences, see their status and manage them. It's also easy to add and delete licences. Many licenses can be purchased directly in the portal.

Overview of the license portal


Contact us if you want to know more about the WeSafe Customer App or get help installing it in Teams!

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