Kodexe chose WeSafe as a partner

Kodexe has over 20 years of experience in the digital world and call themselves true internet pioneers. Kodexe develop digital solutions and help companies find new business opportunities. To get a head start in the digital market, Kodexe was in need of collaborating with someone who handles operations and maintenance. The collaboration with WeSafe has made it possible for Kodexe to offer its customers the right conditions, now and in the future.

Michael Nilsson Pauli, Digital Business Pioneer at Kodexe says that good collaboration between developers and those who manage operations and maintenance is crucial to achieving a seamless digital solution. The fact that the collaboration fell on WeSafe was an obvious choice according to Michael.

"The choice fell on WeSafe without competition actually, the reason is that WeSafe can, is interested and keeps a good dialogue about the construction of the platform"

- Michael Nilsson Pauli, Digital Business Pioneer

Helping the customer move forward

Today we are placing ever higher demands on our IT environment, there are different systems that must be integrated and work seamlessly for both users and end customers. Developments are rapid and we have to deal with situations we cannot influence. In order to  keep up with the developments it is important for organisations to create a scalable solution, where it will be problem-free to keep up with the digital development. To solve this, Kodexe has developed the kdx Azure Business Platform.

Efficient cloud computing with Azure

With the aim of taking the customer forward in development, together with its digital experience, knowledge and modern technology, Kodexe created what is now known as the kdx Azure Business Platform. The foundation of the platform is Microsoft's cloud platform, Azure. Platforms solves today's challenges in an optimal way and provider customers full control over their costs. Instead of starting at the "bottom rung", the platform creates a head start and helps customers to use resources in an optimal, secure and cost-effective way, while Kodexe, with its ownership, takes responsibility for the entire implementation.

"We at Kodexe are very excited and proud to offer our customers a new way to manage their digital assets. Together with WeSafe, we have a very strong offering that we believe is hard to beat in the market."

- Michael Nilsson Pauli, Digital Business Pioneer

Focus is forward

With kdx Azure Business Platform, a solution optimised for the global market and adapted to different organizationss conditions now looks Kodexe looking forward to helping more organisations take the lead into the the digital world. According to Michael, working with WeSafe security for Kodexe and their customers, an exciting partnership with full support.

Want to know more about how WeSafe with Azure as a service cost-effectively takes care of the operation of your Azure environment to optimize your usage? Then you are very welcome to contact us and we will tell you more!

Sofia Hägerklint
Sofia Hägerklint

Marketing Manager

040 - 6267508sofiahagerklint@wesafe.se

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