How the move to Azure can set the stage for GDPR compliance

The benefits of amigrating to the cloud are many and are often highlighted scalability, less maintenance and reliability are cited as good reasons to make the move. But many are unsure whether the cloud can really create the right conditions for GDPR compliance. In this article, we explain how Microsoft Azure can contribute to GDPR compliance in your business.

The decision is already made - you're already managing personal data in the cloud

For many, the uncertainty around managing data in the cloud i an unfounded belief that the GDPR does not allow data to be stored in the cloud. In fact GDPR practically nothing about what technology can be used to manage the data. It is rather a framework for how different types of data should be handled and at what level it needs to be protected. The Regulation was created to strengthen the individual individualnrights through higher standards on companies and authorities handling personal data.

All Microsoft's products and services have been built with reliability as a foundation and at its core are principles of security, confidentiality, compliance and transparency. For those familiar with the GDPR it is therefore fairly obvious that the GDPR and Microsoft are based on the same set of values. One is counterproductive the other but rather the opposite - they seem in the same direction.

It can also be worth mentioning that the leap to the cloud is not as far as many think. In fact, a lot of people have already taken it. Many businesses have today moved their productivitys- and communication-related tools to Office 365 - a fully cloud-based environment which is part of the Azure cloud platform. So you already have both taken decisions on and taken the step to placing personal data in the cloud. Yet the main discussion revolves around GDPR revolves around the data that still stored on physical servers. The question is what the big difference between these data and the data managed in the Office 365 environmentn? In any case, they are surrounded by exactly the same GDPR-requirements.

Azure offers tools for increased compliance, so you don't have to build them yourself

Achieving GDPR requirements often requires if you choose to do it all on your own. But building your own solutions to ensure compliance is complex, time-consuming and takes up endless resources. If, on the other hand, you choose to move your data to Microsoft Azure many of the tools you need are already in place.

One of the main points of the framework is the importance of responding to incoming requests for information to be compiled and provided - or deleted. Azure offers b Data Subject Request - a system for providing requested information, or for deleting information that may no longer be stored.

Another tool with a clear link to GDPR compliance is Azure Rights Management, which helps you to ensure that information never falls into the wrong hands by only allowing authorised people to access it. The system helps you protect files across all the devices used in your business using cryptidentity and authentication principles. Azure also offers policies on which geographic locations a particular type of of data may reside.

The earlier you adopt the tools, the more you can benefit from the tools that Azure provide. With the guidance and clear roadmap that Azure you can build an environment that ensures compliance from the start. So you don't have to builda foundation on your own that i that turns out not to meet the requirements. Among other things you can benefit from Microsoft cloud design for the public sector such as includes tools, templates, policies, reports and training to help you move to the cloud - in compliance with GDPR. These design templates are open to use also by private companies and are based on these frameworks from the start, you will have done yourself a great service.

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