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Order hardware

In our shop you can shop IT easily! We have now made it easier for you as a WeSafe customer to efficiently procure what you need for your organisation, quickly and reliably.

Need help before your purchase? Contact our support and we will help you!

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Order licenses

WeSafe Cloud Marketplace - is a repository for licensing, reporting and information about you as a WeSafe customer. You get a clear overview of your users and licenses and have the possibility to identify unused licenses, delete or add licenses and change passwords if necessary.

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My dashboard

View statistics and reports on your platform's security, compliance and productivity. Do you have Evergreen or Microsoft 365 as a service and want full access to your reports? Contact our support team (your role in the company must be IT manager, CTO, CEO or other key position).


My dashboard

Customer and training portal

As a Wesafe Cloud customer, you can access templates for Microsoft Forms, Microsoft Lists, apps, process documents and policies. For example, you will receive suggestions for the layout of a complete employee handbook.


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