9 tips to succeed with your Microsoft Power Automate workflows

Microsoft's Power Automate automation tool is a flexible and simple service that allows you to streamline and automate your work processes. Interest in the service is high. At the same time, we find that many people are afraid of losing control and getting things wrong. We give you nine handy tips on how to avoid the most common mistakes.

Want to receive notifications when something special happens, automatically save all incoming orders in a folder or publish the same post on multiple social platforms? With Microsoft's Power Automate automation service, it's easier than ever. Automate your work processes by linking different services together.

The strength of the Power Automate is that you can do a lot yourself, but many people are afraid of making mistakes and losing control. Here are 9 tips to help you succeed with your flow!

Don't automate for automation's sake

When automating a process, you need to know why you are automating that particular process and what value automation will bring to the business. For example, the benefit may be to save time or minimise the risk of errors. Think outside the technology and start from the process and where the flow will take the user.

Involve stakeholders as early as possible

Although it is always possible to change your mind, it is important to think before you start. That's why you need to invite the actual users as early as possible. If you don't involve users and listen to their wishes, the risk is that you will end up with automation that is disconnected from their daily work and that users will find other ways.

Don't forget to monitor

Undetected errors and malfunctioning flows can cost you time and money, so you need a system to monitor your automations. In some cases, it may be a good idea to enlist the help of an IT partner. An IT partner who will take care of the monitoring and work proactively with the automated flows.

Minimise the risk of making mistakes

To get the result you want at the end of the flow, the information entered needs to meet the requirements of the automation. A good tip is to make the required fields mandatory, so that the user cannot proceed until everything is filled in.

Educate users

If you don't get the users on board, you won't get any benefit from an automated flow. That's why it's important to communicate to users what value the flow will bring them and how you will work in the business. Forget long documents that nobody reads. Instead, focus on short information videos that you make available via the Microsoft Stream video service.

Allow no other way

If users can go outside the process and do the same thing in a different way, there is a risk that the automation is not used properly. A good tip is to close down alternative paths, but also make sure that the new automation provides clear added value.

Have regular check-ins with users

One of the benefits of building automations in Power Automate is that you can work in an agile way and make changes as you go. In order to further develop the process, it is important to have regular check-ins with users. This can be done through questionnaires, regular meetings or as a standing item in other meetings.

Use ready-made templates

Why reinvent the wheel if someone else has already done the job? An easy way to get started quickly without having to do the work from scratch is to see how others have done it or use ready-made templates.

Remember that a process is not set in stone

Of course, you should strive to get the process right from the start, but just because you've decided that the automated flow should look a certain way, there's nothing to stop you from improving, developing or redesigning. If you're using a ready-made system with built-in processes, it can take hours to change a flow, but Power Automate allows you to work in an agile way and make quick changes when needs or conditions change. Good luck!

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