AI in practice part 2: Creating benefits in your organization with artificial intelligence!

In a world where technology is constantly evolving, AI is at the heart of innovation and business transformation. But how can your organization concretely benefit from AI? Join our webinar to explore real-world implementations of AI, understand the importance of a thoughtful AI strategy and discover how you can apply AI in your own business.

Many of you attended our first AI webinar earlier this year, "How can your organization benefit from artificial intelligence?". and now it's finally time for a follow-up. We will show more practical application and solve different business problems and processes. If you have a business challenge you would like help with during the webinar, please fill out the form here!



  1. Introduction to AI: An overview of how AI is changing the business landscape.
  2. Business implementations with AI: Deep dive into real-life examples where AI has been used to solve business challenges.
  3. Practical application of AI: An overview of how AI can be implemented in practice, with a tool-neutral approach.
  4. The importance of an AI strategy: Step-by-step guide to creating an effective AI strategy for your organization.
  5. Q&A: A chance for you to ask your own questions and get insights directly from WeSafe's experts.


Why participate?

  • Get concrete examples: Discover how other organizations have used AI to improve their operations.
  • Understand the importance of strategy: Learn why a well-thought-out AI strategy is essential for success.
  • ROI and selling points:
    • Efficiency: Learn how AI can automate processes and save time and money.
    • Competitive advantage: Discover how AI can give your organization an edge in a competitive market.
    • Improved customer experience: Explore how AI can help you provide a more personalized and efficient customer service.
    • Innovation: See how AI can open the door to new business models and services.


Target audience: Managers, decision makers, IT specialists and anyone interested in understanding how AI can be applied in a business environment.

Speakers: Martin Liljenberg, CTO & Founder WeSafe


Create benefits in your organization with artificial intelligence!

AI in practice part 2: Creating benefits in your organization with artificial intelligence!

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