Use the new Teams 2.0 and experience the power of smoother collaboration and better performance.

Microsoft is constantly developing the Teams collaboration platform to provide new opportunities for users and organizations to collaborate more smoothly both internally and with other organizations. 

New Teams was launched in October 2023 and will become standard for all companies. However, for those who want to wait, it is possible to switch back to Teams Classic.


More user-friendly and faster

In the development process, Microsoft has taken into account the opinions and suggestions of users to create the best possible user experience. Some of the main points are a more easily navigated view, clearer structure of posts, easier collaboration with external organizations, and making some employee information easier to find. Teams 2.0, which has been rebuilt from the ground up, now requires half as much CPU and computer memory. This is a big relief for many people who work with multiple programs at the same time and have previously found that Teams has taken up a lot of computer power, which now results in faster performance and longer battery life.


Try Teams 2.0 as soon as you can

We at WeSafe have been using 2.0 ourselves since we got access to it to help you make the best use of Teams, and we think you should also try the new Teams now if you can. To experience the power and improvements, we recommend that you and your colleagues give it a try so that you are prepared for the change in your organization. If you see "New Teams" in the top left corner of your Teams, you can switch between the two versions today. However, if you don't see it, you may need to update and restart your computer or talk to your IT administrator. 

Shows how to activate new teams

Here we list some of the changes that we think make working in Teams even better.

Improvements in Teams 2.0

Cooperation with other organizations

  • Switching between organizations is easier and faster, and much like switching teams internally.
  • Stay in a meeting while you switch to another organization.
  • Support for multi-account login in Teams on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • Improved activity clock that shows what has happened in other organizations that you are not currently in.
  • You will receive notifications directly in Windows when you are mentioned in Teams from other organizations.

Other user improvements

  • Open posts in channels in new windows that remain on top of Teams.
  • The most recently updated posts and conversations are at the top of the channel. And you can also change the order of sorting manually.
  • It is easier to respond to specific messages/chats.
  • Drag and drop to reschedule meetings in the Teams calendar.

Changed functions

  • Team's purple notifications are gone and are instead found in the Windows notifications.
  • The Wiki app has been replaced by Onenote.
  • Organization map now available in the live persona card.
  • See users' online status, next available calendar time and LinkedIn.

Better performance

  • Faster connection to meetings and switching between channels.
  • Connecting to meetings and switching between channels is twice as fast.
  • 50% less CPU memory usage which contributes to longer battery life.
  • Up to 70% less hard disk space required.
  • Faster installation and charging.

Nnow that you know more about some important features that have changed, we suggest you give it a try!


Teams are so much more than meetings and chats.

Teams are not only used for meetings but also for external and internal communication, file management and as a repository for the apps you need to do your job.

The platform brings together all the features of Microsoft 365 and your chosen third-party apps in one place. This gives you the perfect platform for collaboration within your organization and with external parties. More and more people understand how they can use Teams in their work to create new documents, manage their calendar, reach colleagues internally and customers externally, manage the customer portal, and plan tasks and projects. 

For example, there are apps like Bookings to schedule bookings, Forms to create surveys, questionnaires and polls, and built-in Planners that can replace the similar Trello to organize projects.

When you work in Teams, you have what you need with one login, data collected in one place and also GDPR-proof.

Overview of new teams 

New technologies are rarely enough to work optimally

Our experience from our own organization and customer projects is that new or updated technology is rarely enough for employees to work and collaborate at their best.It is is often required that you work actively with your change and development together and that you develop processes and structure for how to collaborate on, among other things, communication and document management in Teams. After all, it is important to get guidelines in place and that employees want to follow them so that the work tasks and collaborations flow as efficiently as possible.

Get in touch!

We are happy to help you get started with Teams 2.0 and set up work processes and structures that fit your organization. With the help of technology, people and processes, you will use the power of Teams in the best possible way.

Getin touch and let's talk about how we can help your organization!

Robert Veberg
Robert Veberg

Technical Lead - Microsoft Modern Workplace

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