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Our workplaces are becoming increasingly mobile. As a result, many companies are looking to use apps to enable employees to work from mobile devices. But so far, it is relatively difficult to create mobile solutions that are business-oriented, so many people are still locked into working from their computers. Microsoft 365 makes it easy to build apps tailored to your business - here's how.

Expensive with custom apps?

Typically, it is expensive to develop custom mobile applications from scratch. The alternative is to use pre-built apps for different application areas. But a "one size fits all" solution is rarely the answer to your individual challenges. Working entirely manually makes work inefficient and you run a higher risk of errors.

Microsoft 365 provides tools that allow you to create custom apps that support your business processes, designed exactly for the purpose. Plus, you don't have to code! By lowering the barrier to app development, it's also possible to keep costs down.

Increased efficiency with digitised and automated processes

One example of employees who will benefit from this type of application are so-called frontline workers - that is, employees who work largely in the field. For them, support processes such as case management or reporting can be automated and digitised with the help of apps.

Instead of manually reporting on paper, the same data can be recorded on a mobile device. The application contains the same fields as the paper documents, but an automated process eliminates the risk of missing information and reduces the amount of errors. The data also does not need to be entered digitally afterwards, reducing the administrative burden.

The possibilities for building process support in the form of apps are limitless. For example, you can create apps for:

  • Project management
  • Time reporting
  • Absence/holidays
  • Inventory
  • Deviation reporting
  • Signatures (via Mobile BankID)
  • CRM
  • On-boarding and HR administration for new employees
  • Case management

Everything included in your Microsoft 365 licence

With Microsoft 365, workflows that have previously been expensive or complicated to build apps for can be digitised and automated. Building applications in Microsoft 365 offers not only cost benefits but also significantly easier administration. The system knows who you are and what function you have as a user. In addition, it is the user who decides on access to applications and content, thus avoiding you having to go through the IT department. Everything is searchable, easy to share with others, available on a single platform and accessible from any device. As a user, you don't have to log in to multiple systems either - you access your apps through your Microsoft 365 account and everything is included in your license.

At WeSafe, we help you by not only building the apps, but also by concretising and challenging the flows in your work processes. Many times we can optimise your working practices along the way because we don't just look at the technology but also question why the processes look the way they do. In this way, we often find ways to cut certain steps and increase efficiency with the same, or better, end result.

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Annica Tunster

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