Streamline collaboration with Viva Connections and New Home Experience

In today's digital world, effective communication and collaboration are essential to drive success. In the quest for higher efficiency and better collaboration, choosing the right tools becomes a key factor. Microsoft Viva Connections and New Home Experience are two such powerful tools, specifically designed to promote collaboration and productivity in the workplace. But what makes these tools unique? And how can they help improve your organization's performance?


Viva Connections: Your intranet in Teams

Viva Connections makes it possible to access the company intranet and brings together all corporate resources and collaboration tools in one place. - i Microsoft Teams. As a centralized portal where employees can find company news, resources and collaboration tools, the platform improves team efficiency and productivity. All while fostering a strong company culture. Viva Connections is also the gateway to the Microsoft Viva employee platform, an integrated experience in Microsoft 365. Microsoft Viva is designed to improve the employeeexperience by providingkeeping vetools to increase employee engagement, well-being, learning and knowledge.

An overview of intranets in Teams with Viva Connections

New Home Experience: A more personal approach

With New Home Experience takes the customized workplace to a whole new level. Here companies can pick and front the most important tools, information and resources to make navigation easier for employees. It offers a customized home page for each user, based on their specific roles, workflows and needs. With the help of audience personalization can employees can both focus on the most relevant tasks and information in their work and stay up to date in company news. Moreif to simplify navigationtailoring and centralizing resources increases efficiency, productivity and engagementand of employees. Microsoft Viva makes it easy for everyone in your organization to stay on top of changes, meet challenges, and build community. Welcome to the dynamic and integrated workplace you've always wanted.


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