Microsoft Teams news that takes your digital remote work forward

Microsoft is constantly developing the Teams collaboration platform to provide new opportunities for you as a user. The features presented now in 2020 and beyond are intended to simplify for all companies that work remotely. They are features that engage and involve employees. Join us and discover new features in Teams! 

Over the summer, a lot of news was released on the Teams front and with all the existing and new features, it's not always easy to keep up with the momentum. Do you know of anything in Teams that would help your organisation become more efficient? Here's a selection of what we at WeSafe think is important for you to know.

See more in Team Meetings and collaborate better

The need to be able to meet online to look each other in the eye and have conversations has increased tremendously. In Teams, you could previously only see a small number of colleagues' faces, but during the summer Microsoft increased this to 49. Now eight participants are also visible on mobile devices and nine on the iPad. This provides a sufficient level for most meetings that require interactivity, where everyone can be seen and heard in the same meeting. Competing platforms used to gain ground because of this, but now Microsoft has caught up. Teams users no longer need to go to a third party to feel involved in remote meetings.

Together Mode - together is the new big thing!

Microsoft is investing heavily in strengthening the community in digital meetings. Which is a common factor in all these new features in Teams. Something that has now been added is Together Mode. Among other things, this means that you who sit in the meeting virtually end up in a view where it looks like you are sitting in an auditorium. You automatically draw your gaze to the person talking, which significantly increases the feeling of participation.

It is now possible to work remotely and to give reactions to the other participants during the meeting by showing direct feedback. For the lecturer or presenter, these new features are sometimes crucial to performing well. It is extremely difficult to sit and look at the participants' initials, with the cameras turned off, and not get any feedback at all.

With Together Mode, you can also choose to actively show the presenter in the image while sharing the presentation. This also increases proximity between participants and makes the meeting experience more creative and dynamic.

Meet 20,000 at the same time

For really big gatherings, it is now possible for up to 20,000 spectators to watch the broadcast. In addition, 1,000 people can interactively participate in the meeting, with the 49 most active participants displayed in the window and the speaker shown by a yellow square illuminated around the screen, providing greater clarity.

For individuals logging in, the background can be changed to any image, for example to match the organisation's graphic profile. This creates a more personal feel to participation.

Not just meetings in Teams!

The platform is increasingly becoming a hub for collaboration; an ecosystem for your workday. Teams are used not only for meetings but also for external and internal communication. For file management and as a repository for the apps you need to do your job. Now more people are starting to understand how they can actually use this platform to create new documents, manage the calendar, reach colleagues internally and customers externally, and even manage the customer portal. Everything is tied together in one place and Teams is really starting to become a hub and collaboration platform according to Microsoft's vision.

But, as I said, it's not always easy to keep up with all the opportunities on offer. For example, why should you continue to use Doodle to send out a request to customers when you can use MS Bookings or Forms? Or why use Trello when the similar Planner is built in? If you stay with Teams, you'll have what you need with one login, data all in one place, and GDPR-proofed to boot.

More news in Teams:

  • Microsoft's Lists: Which, through information tracking in Microsoft 365, can configure lists for better organisation of events, cases, assets and more.
  • Reduce the amount of data on your mobile: the Team mobile app has a new setting to reduce the amount of data for mobile users.
  • Integrated mobile telephony: Through a licence and a subscription, you can call directly from Teams with Business Voice.
  • Smarter search: time to move away from the folder structure and use the search function in Teams instead! You can now search for a file, a person, an app no matter where it's saved.
  • Automatic transcription: this function writes what is said in the meeting and saves the transcription. It is then possible to search for words in it afterwards as well as for things said in the recording through this automatic transcription.
  • WeSafes customer portal: No news, but worth highlighting nonetheless! Contains apps we've made for other customers - it provides a wealth of additional capabilities beyond Microsoft's standard offering! We make our apps available to all our customers.

WeSafe follows you all the way

For you as a user, Teams is the obvious choice - everything you need is available in the platform and has plenty of insights and more solutions to suit your organisation.

At WeSafe, we believe that access to Teams will become the primary tool you need when you are new to a workplace, and Microsoft is also opening up to third-party applications. We work fully within the platform ourselves and use many of the existing apps, which also allows us to ensure that our customers are at the forefront, and that they know what's happening when it's happening.

Although Teams is for everyone, everyone will work differently in Teams - the possibilities are endless. We want to help you go the right way: fewer logins, a less complex working environment and lower costs. Contact us and we'll help you get started.

Want a review of how your organisation is harnessing the power of Teams? Contact us for a free consultation to discuss your needs and how far you've come with Teams. We'll tell you what you can do next!

Robert Veberg
Robert Veberg

Technical Lead - Microsoft Modern Workplace

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