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Many businesses today rely on remote desktop solutions to run their legacy applications. Until now, they have had to maintain duplicate environments to use modern productivity tools such as Microsoft 365, costing both time and money. For many businesses, the solution is called Azure Virtual Desktop, a service that lets you run a full Windows 10 environment on a virtual desktop in the cloud. With WeSafe's Microsoft 365 Desktop package, you get Azure Virtual Desktop optimized and tailored to your business.

Does your business rely on a legacy business system or other legacy applications that require you to run remote desktops? If so, you've probably already discovered that you're in trouble when you and your colleagues also want to take full advantage of the productivity tools in Microsoft 365. Traditional remote desktop solutions are not only associated with high costs and extensive administration - they also lack support for popular cloud services like OneDrive and Teams. As a result, many companies we talk to feel compelled to maintain dual environments: a traditional remote desktop solution and a cloud-based Microsoft 365 environment. But there is a way out, and it's called Azure Virtual Desktop.

Azure Virtual Desktop brings you Windows 10 in the cloud

With Azure Virtual Desktop, you get a complete Windows 10 environment, virtualised in the cloud and available on all your devices at guaranteed high speed. Anything you can run locally, you can run on your virtual desktop, including your legacy business systems and applications. Virtual Desktop is customized for Microsoft 365 with built-in support for all of Microsoft's productivity tools. In turn, users are greeted by a standard Windows 10 desktop in an environment they know and are used to working in.

Since Azure Virtual Desktop uses Windows 10 and Microsoft is responsible for the architecture, it is a better and more cost-effective solution than Remote Desktop Services (RDS) or Citrix. Because you pay per month per user, it's easy to scale up and down should your needs change, while avoiding the need to invest in expensive servers.

A virtual desktop for your business

At least as important as the benefits of Azure Virtual Desktop is how we at WeSafe can use our knowledge and experience to tailor the service to the needs of your business.

That's why we've put together a workplace solution we call Microsoft 365 Desktop. As a provider, we can help you set up the basic structure, optimise the system and adjust the service to suit your business. Depending on the package you choose, we can offer free support, device management as a service and access to our customer and training portal, among other things. Having only one environment to maintain also makes it easier for us as your IT partner to take overall responsibility for security, management and backups.

Inspiration and knowledge in our customer portal

What makes our solution particularly attractive to many businesses is our customer portal and our training portal. Here you'll find not only training and guides from both ourselves and Microsoft, but also a wealth of apps, templates, forms, flows and resources - all free to download and start using in your business.

Some solutions we have developed together with our other customers and some we have developed because we have needed them ourselves. The idea is not to reinvent the wheel and spend development time every time a customer asks for a solution that we have already developed. After all, almost all companies need apps for absence reporting, holiday leave forms and employee handbooks.

Want to know more about how we can help you and tailor Azure Virtual Desktop to your business? Contact us.

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