Stream Classic moves to Stream on SharePoint

Microsoft is now preparing to retire Stream Classic as part of its ongoing efforts to improve and streamline video management within Microsoft 365. Projections indicate that the Classic version will be completely phased out by April 2024. But don't worry, Stream will continue to be your Microsoft 365 tool for storing, managing and playing videos - but will now be even better with integration into SharePoint.


Stream on SharePoint is an intelligent video tool included in Microsoft 365. It allows you to record, upload, share and manage video in the same way as any other file. This way, your videos will be just like any other document. This platform integrates seamlessly with apps in Microsoft 365, so you get the same experience no matter where you add or interact with your videos.



Here is a quick look at some of the new features in Stream on SharePoint that are not available in Stream Classic:


  • Manage and share videos as easily as other files in Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive.
  • Adjust metadata, thumbnails, transcripts and subtitles for videos.
  • Search for videos by content, title, or description throughout Microsoft 365 or with Microsoft Search in Bing.
  • Get a personalized, centered starting point to easily discover, view, create or edit videos within SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams.
  • Take advantage of the camera's new features to add filters, text or images to your recordings. You can also easily change the background or use your screen as a background during presentations.
  • Moreover, Stream on SharePoint offers more opportunities to analyze your videos, such as insights on trends, visitor statistics and much more.


Important dates


October 15, 2023 - Users can no longer access or use Stream Classic. However, administrators can postpone this change.


April 15, 2024 - Stream Classic is fully retired and automatically deactivated.

- Users and administrators can no longer access or use Stream Classic.

- And all remaining content in Stream Classic that has not been migrated will start to be deleted.


February 15, 2025 - Stream Classic links and embed codes will no longer redirect to the migrated videos in OneDrive and SharePoint.



We are here to help you on your journey, from migrating to Stream on SharePoint to providing support and training in a more collaborative and productive use of the new Stream. Contact us and we will tell you more!

Robert Veberg
Robert Veberg

Technical Lead - Microsoft Modern Workplace

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