Hard to beat added value with WeSafe's customer portal

As you know, if you have your licenses with WeSafe, you also get access to our customer and training portal. Here you'll find guides and training, as well as lots of apps, templates, forms, feeds and resources. Everything is free to download and start using in your business.

Imagine a place where you and your colleagues can turn to find solutions, learn new things and download useful resources to help you become more efficient. That place exists and it's our new customer portal.

The Customer Portal has been available for some time to our Virtual Desktop customers, but we have now rolled it out widely to everyone who has their Microsoft licences with us. The Customer Portal is easily accessed in your browser but, like the Support Chat, it can also be added as an app in Teams for easy access. Contact us and we'll add it to your Microsoft Teams environment free of charge.



A customer portal that stands out from the crowd

Offering a customer portal with resources and guides is nothing new, but we would actually say that our customer portal is unique in that you also get access to apps, Power Automate flows and templates that we have developed ourselves or together with our customers.

Do we give away our customers' apps? Yes and no. These are features and flows that we see virtually every business needs, so instead of reinventing the wheel every time a customer asks for a solution we've already developed, we want to make everything available to everyone. We would go so far as to call it a democratisation and an automation of the delivery of IT services. If you want to take the generic app out of the box, or perhaps adapt it slightly based on your specific circumstances, that's perfectly fine.

Why we're giving away millions in ready-made solutions

Other IT companies, who make their living from consulting, may think we're crazy for giving away ready-made solutions. But our interest has never been to charge for developing the same solutions over and over again. We want total customers who pay a fixed price for us to take care of the entire delivery associated with the company's Microsoft licenses. Nothing is more important than that our customers get the best user experience possible - so when we can give something away for free, we want to do it.

A common scenario is that Microsoft's standard platform meets 70% of the customer's needs. To cover the last 30%, consulting services or third-party apps may be needed, but much of that 30% is made up of things that virtually every business needs, such as apps for contract management, vacation requests or absence reporting. Now our customers can easily pick up what they need at no cost. Because the solution is cloud-based, it costs us nothing.

Documents and checklists for your business

Working with hundreds of companies in all sectors, we come into contact with a huge number of documents and checklists, many of which are not linked to any specific sector. For example, there may be different types of process checklists, holiday lists and GDPR rescue agreements. The client portal has lots of useful resources that you can download and adapt for your business. We've even put together a 30-page staff handbook that's completely free to use.

Full company training portal

Another important part of the customer portal is the training portal where you will find guides and videos from both ourselves and Microsoft. Microsoft has built an automated solution to continuously replenish the material they produce. By allowing you to opt out of topics you're not interested in, make your own playlists or sort by level of difficulty, it becomes a training portal for the whole company.

You also have the option to copy the portal for your business, add your own material and have everything in one place. You can add instructional videos to your other systems, onboarding packages for new hires and guidance through specific processes.

If you want to know more about how to use the WeSafe customer portal and how to access it, please contact us.

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