Telephony and IT go together

In a relatively short period of time, we have moved from analogue desk telephones on the copper network to increasingly digital telephony solutions in the office, and therefore the IT manager is often given responsibility for the telephone. Telephony and IT are increasingly merging. But switched telephony solutions still often feel alien to the IT department and so many choose to go with "the safer option" - standardised solutions from the major telephone operators. But can a telephony provider really create the right conditions for a well-functioning ecosystem of digital services in your business?

Inefficient communication with traditional telephony

The problem with choosing traditional telephony providers for anything other than pure telephony services is that they can rarely offer a fully integrated solution that works with the other cloud services used in the business - such as Office 365. They may be able to deliver their own standalone telephony platform for calls, but they can't offer your business the full potential for increased productivity that Office 365 and Microsoft 365 encompass.

So why is it so important to offer an integrated solution? The answer can be found in numerous studies that show that if we have too many tools and platforms, we become inefficient when sharing information and communicating with employees, partners, suppliers and customers. A US study showed that the average employee spends five working hours a week waiting to connect with different people in order to get information that will enable them to continue their work. One in ten employees spends more than twice as much time on this. This means that during this time work is delayed, postponed or even abandoned.

One view for all your communication channels

So too much time today is spent waiting for other people to respond to something so that we can do our work. For example, we waste time trying to get in touch with people, even though we don't know whether they are available for a call or not.

If you use Office 365 or Microsoft 365, Teams is the hub for an integrated, end-to-end communication and collaboration solution. All communication channels are available and used in the same view, which you also use for all your other work. A platform for collaboration both inside and outside your own organisation, where you can now also manage all the features that your current 'traditional' telephony solution offers. Teams lets you see if the person you want to contact is available, so you know whether or not it's worth getting in touch - saving you time and making your working day more efficient.

Choose a supplier with a holistic perspective

A traditional telephony provider offers only one of many elements in an ecosystem of digital services and is therefore unable to take a holistic approach. What is needed is a provider that can take a holistic approach, encompassing both IT and telephony, and make them work together.

WeSafe, in partnership with Cellip, now offers a solution for telephony through Teams to make your work more efficient and productive. While having a single point of contact for all IT-related matters.

Do you have questions or just want to know more about how your business could benefit from our solution? Contact us today!

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