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Discover Microsoft Teams

How do you work with internal communication today? Are you tired of long email conversations and overflowing mailboxes? A well-functioning modern organisation needs structured methods and tools to keep internal communication effective.

With Microsoft Teams, you can have lively discussions both internally and externally. This tool allows your team to manage all conversations and files in a single workspace. Through Teams, you can provide direct access to Sharepoint, OneNote, PowerBi and Planner.
In Microsoft Teams, you can easily build a large knowledge base using the history of the different chats and ensure easy access.

In the web meeting you will get concrete tips from WeSafe on, among other things:

  • Direct and smooth communication where everyone can keep up to date
  • Easy to keep in touch via chat, video calls and group meetings
  • Easily share files or your desktop in online meetings
  • Direct access to apps and workspaces that SharePoint, OneNote and Planner
  • Create custom channels based on workflows or topics
  • Use tags to notify the right person in the Team
  • What is the difference between Teams and Groups?


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Time: about 45 minutes

Location: teams, we will send a calendar invitation with a connection link


We at WeSafe wish you a warm welcome!

Discover Microsoft Teams

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