What is Microsoft Viva?

The new hybrid way of working has become commonplace for many of us, accelerating the need to find smoother ways to communicate and to share information, knowledge and insights. Microsoft Viva is Microsoft's own employee experience platform where the employee's knowledgecommitment and well-being are at the centre.

Microsoft Viva is a new platform that enhances the employee experience

Long before the outbreak of the corona pandemic in 2020, smart digital tools were being developed to enable more flexible working practices in the workplaces of the future. That "the future" would come so suddenly and so disruptively was the fanyone whode. Our existing ways of working have been challenged in many respects and therefore new tools are also required to meet new needs that arise when we can no longer be seen in person to the same extent.

As a step in this effort, Microsoft has launched Microsoft Viva - a so-called employee experience platform (EXP). A digital platform that is seamlessly integrated with the same tools used in daily work. The platform provides businesses, managers and employees with the resources and support they need to thrive and succeed - wherever they are. It promotes the employee experience in four key areas: engagement, well-being, learning and knowledge, distributed in the platform's first set of modules.

First set of modules are: 

  • Viva Topics: A tool that aims to make information, knowledge and expertise available to everyone in the organisation. A knowledge bank where by searching on a specific topic or keyword you will find all the information stored in files and documents linked to the topic or containing keywords related to it. The tool also makes it possible to easily find the people in the company who have specific expertise in the subject area.
  • Viva Connections: A new and personalised interface to your digital workplace. Access intranet communications, corporate resources and employee communities directly in Teams. The Connections for Teams app is available for desktop in a public preview version and will be available as a mobile app later this year.
  • Viva Learning: A knowledge and training platform for your organisation where employees have access to your organisation's training resources. It also allows you, as an employer, to track the training that your employees have attended and to set up training plans for your employees. A single platform for learning where your own courses can be uploaded and where content from external training services can also be added.
  • Viva Insight: Helps managers and leaders gain team and organisational level insights into how employees work to develop better and healthier ways of working. This allows them to identify where teams are experiencing challenges, proactively adjust work processes and then measure the impact of the adjustments over time. Employees themselves can create their own insights, visible only to them, that help them balance productivity and well-being. The insights are generated from aggregated and de-identified data to maintain personal privacy. The tool can also leverage data from third-party applications such as Zoom, Workday and SAP Success Factors.

Dedicated partner for successful implementation of Microsoft Viva

Microsoft Viva is fully integrated with the productivity and collaboration features of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams. In this way, the power of the Microsoft cloud platform is tied together to create an enhanced employee experience.

We at WeSafe are dedicated to the Microsoft product range with cloud services as our main focus. We have the knowledge, skills and focus to successfully roll out the constituent modules of Microsoft Viva and make them work together in a way that benefits your business. WeSafe will help you in the implementation phase and then in the ongoing work to help you optimise the benefits of the tools - both today and in the long term. 


Robert Veberg
Robert Veberg

Technical Lead - Microsoft Modern Workplace

040-626 75 81robertveberg@wesafe.se

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