Comply with GDPR with Microsoft cloud services

Microsoft's cloud services give you the platform and capabilities to manage the four key areas of the GDPR, detect, manage, protect and report. WeSafe helps you with advice, configuration and settings, to take advantage of the powerful solutions Microsoft offers to strengthen data securitysecurity and streamline your journey to comply with GDPR.

Who is the workshop for?

For those who are familiar with the GDPR and have a basic understanding of the regulation and its meaning. You use or want to start using Microsoft cloud services.

What can you expect?

WeSafe helps you assess your organisation's GDPR maturity in terms of people, processes and technology. You will receive a comprehensive report describing your organisation's GDPR maturity and addressing weaknesses in the current situation. You will also receive guidance with concrete recommendations on solutions, settings, tools and concepts to strengthen highlighted weaknesses and increase your GDPR maturity. The report serves as your action plan for your organization to comply with GDPR and you choose which parts you want to work on yourself and which parts you want help with.

Why GDPR Workshop with WeSafe?

  • Assessment of GDPR maturity in terms of staff, processes and technology
  • Comprehensive report with concrete recommendations, solutions and guidance
  • Increased understanding, leading to informed decisions and the right priorities
  • Efficiency through improved workflows


Price: 29 000kr

GDPR Workshop

Comply with GDPR with Microsoft cloud services

Strengthen your data security and streamline your GDPR compliance journey with the powerful solutions Microsoft Cloud Services offers

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