IT Security

Microsoft cloud services give you the platform and the conditions to manage your security. Built-in capabilities enable organisations to gain control over the data coming in and out of their IT-environment. As threats continue to increase and GDPR places greater demands than ever on keeping business data secure, we want to help you take the necessary steps to achieve your goal of secure IT-environment.

What can you expect?

WeSafe evaluates your security and helps you achieve a goal that is tailored to your organisation's use and needs. This includes the people, processes and technology you use. We also ensure that you comply with the stringent requirements of the GDPR.

After the workshop, you will be more aware of your security thinking. You will have a better understanding of the possibilities you have to increase your security and also feel more confident in your use. You will also receive a report that presents both short-term recommendations for addressing critical security gaps and long-term goals to meet.

Why WeSafe Safety Workshop?

  • Evaluation of your organisation's security
  • Ensure compliance with GDPR requirements
  • Comprehensive report with concrete recommendations, solutions and guidance
  • A chance to react proactively instead of reactively

This includes:

  • Workshop (3 h)
  • Evaluation report with a baseline and needs analysis of your IT security
  • Joint review of the report with clear recommendations for your next steps


Price: 12 000kr


IT Security

IT Security

Gain a better understanding of the possibilities you have as an organisation to improve your security and increase the safety of your use

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