Demo/Web meeting

Free demo of Microsoft 365 Desktop

Azure Virtual Desktop lets you run a full Windows 10 environment on a virtual desktop in the cloud. All for a fixed price per month per user. With our Microsoft 365 Desktop workplace service, we tailor the service to your needs and offer unique value-added features such as free support, device management as a service, and access to our customer and training portal.

Free demo with opportunities to ask questions

We could have gone on and on about the possibilities of Microsoft 365 Desktop, but we'd rather you see it for yourself. That's why we're now inviting you to a web-based demo session that walks you through Microsoft 365 Desktop. During the demo session, we'll walk you through Azure Virtual Desktop but also some of the apps, forms, flows, templates and other resources you can access through our customer portal.

During about 30 minutes we go through:

  • The difference between a remote desktop and a Windows 10 desktop
  • Connecting via app and web browser
  • The desktop and productivity tools you know
  • How we can help you with security and backup
  • Remote assistance and support
  • Which standardised apps are included
  • How your legacy apps will work in the virtual environment
  • Customer portal and training portal
  • How we can tailor the service to your business


Book now, you won't regret it!

Free demo of Microsoft 365 Desktop

Free demo of Microsoft 365 Desktop

If the time works, we will send you an invitation to the Team Meeting with a connection link. Otherwise, we will send a new time proposal.