Learn to work efficiently with Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a great solution, with many features and uses, we would like to give your employees a flying start or the opportunity to develop your existing use. Microsoft 365 simplifies and supports processes and tasks, creating a more agile way of working.

Digitalisation is happening at a rapid pace and one of our most important assets is our people. As technology advances, we need to ensure that our people's skills keep pace so they can use the tools effectively.

For us at WeSafe, it is important that our training courses and workshops provide more than just technical skills. We want to inspire you to new ways of working that improve and streamline. We think it's important to understand both how and why.


The aim of our workshop is to provide an introduction for new employees or develop your existing employees to achieve maximum efficiency and productivity in your work.


  • Navigating Microsoft 365 - How to navigate efficiently between groups, apps and pages?
  • Outlook online - How to work with calendar and email in the browser?
  • Onedrive - How do you create, share, move and synchronise your documents?
  • Microsoft 365 Groups - What is a group and how do you work effectively with groups?
  • Microsoft 365 Teams - What is a Team and how do you work effectively with Teams?
  • Tips and tricks! - How can you make your work more efficient?


Location options: the WeSafe premises, Murmansgatan 120 in Malmö, over Teams or on your premises!

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Learn to work efficiently with Microsoft 365

Price: 19 000 kr

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