With Virtual Desktop, TS Byggkoncept can use Visma Payroll in the cloud

TS Byggkoncept is a fast-growing company in the construction industry and has grown to over 100 employees since its inception in 2018. Choosing the cloud over their own servers was a no-brainer, but when their new finance manager requested to work in Visma Payroll, which requires a server, they ran into problems. Read about how WeSafe solved the challenge using Microsoft 365 Desktop.

TS Byggkoncept is a construction company headquartered in Arlöv outside Malmö. Professional contractors turn to us for all types of construction assignments, including civil engineering, concrete work, reinforcement work and ventilation work. The company was founded in May 2018 and in 1.5 years they have grown to over 100 employees, so things have been going fast.

Having previously used an accounting consultant, in September 2019 it was time to bring the accounting in-house and hire a financial manager. When Jessica Duah-Johnsson was offered the position, she wanted to work in Visma Payroll.

"I had worked in Visma Payroll before and felt comfortable with it, but I knew I needed a server to use it. I raised the issue when I started but there was some uncertainty about how it worked and how we would resolve them"

- Jessica Duah-Johnsson, Financial Officer

WeSafe found a solution

As TS Byggkoncept was already working with WeSafe on the company's cloud services, there was no doubt where Jessica would turn. She contacted WeSafe and told them that she wanted to work with Visma Lön and that she needed a server.

- I'd never heard of an alternative, so I imagined we needed a room with a lot of machines buzzing and making noises and flashing. But WeSafe told me they had a different solution. That I can have a server but I don't have it in the office.

The solution proposed by WeSafe was Microsoft 365 Desktop, a workplace service built on Azure Virtual Desktop. For a fixed monthly fee, users get a full Windows 10 environment on a virtual desktop in the cloud.

- It seemed like a very smooth solution. As our accounting software is cloud-based, I had already seen the benefits of being able to access the applications outside the office. Now I could do that with Visma Payroll too," says Jessica.

A solution to grow with

WeSafe set up the remote desktop, made a user out of Jessica and took care of all the technical stuff. Instead of having to make a heavy investment in its own servers, TS Byggkoncept pays a fixed monthly cost per user. The scalability was a major advantage. As the company grows, it may be necessary to scale up the solution and add more users.

The finished solution meets Jessica's expectations well, even though the internet connection at the office in Arlöv is not really optimal for running remote desktops. The only time she has had to contact support was for a password change:

"Everything has worked extremely smoothly and it was easy to get started. When I had to change my password after some time, I didn't have the authorisation to do so, but WeSafe solved it quickly. They have always been very helpful and got back to us quickly when we needed help."

- Jessica Duah-Johnsson, Financial Officer

Experience of working in the cloud

Besides the remote desktop and Visma Payroll, Jessica and her colleagues work a lot with the productivity tools in Microsoft 365. Documents are saved in OneDrive and much of the communication takes place in Teams. Jessica has the remote desktop on its own screen, but because the virtual desktop fully supports all the applications in Microsoft 365, she can access everything from the remote desktop if she wishes.

- Being able to connect to a remote desktop makes it much easier for me because I don't have to go into the office to do payroll. For example, it means that I don't have to plan my holidays so that I can be in the office around the twentieth, as I have had to do at my previous jobs!

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