WeSafe and Norvestor/Upheads merge - A new IT services pioneer in Sweden!

Press release: WeSafe today announces its strategic partnership with Upheads and Norvestor. 


WeSafe, one of the pioneers in cloud-based IT services in Sweden, today announces its strategic partnership with Upheads and Norvestor. The merger marks the establishment of a leading player in cloud-based IT services for small and medium-sized businesses ("SMBs") in Sweden.

WeSafe is an expert in Microsoft's cloud services and today helps companies maximize the impact of their IT investments, with a particular focus on productivity, security and compliance. Among other things, WeSafe has won Microsoft's global partner award for Modern Workplace for SMB 2021 in competition with other Microsoft partners worldwide.

WeSafe's 38 employees will continue as before, but under a new brand. Peter Fritzon, CEO and one of WeSafe's founders, will also continue to lead the company and will be responsible for Upheads in Sweden.

- WeSafe will continue to deliver as usual for our customers, but now we have a strong organization behind us. Together we aim to build a leading Nordic IT provider with a focus on SMBs, by continuing to deliver the best IT services on the market," says Fritzon about the partnership.

Upheads is one of the fastest growing IT companies in Norway and continuously delivers new record results. Now they take the next step towards establishing a Nordic position with the first acquisition in Sweden.

Upheads was founded in 2013 by Ove Rydland and today has 180 employees, spread across six offices in Norway with the head office in Sandnes. In 2022, the company had revenues of approximately NOK 378 million, pro forma adjusted for acquisitions made prior to the WeSafe transaction.

The perfect partner

The merger marks the start of significant expansion opportunities for WeSafe - soon to be called Upheads Sweden.

WeSafe's Peter Fritzon lists three main reasons why Upheads was chosen as a growth partner.

- First, we have a common goal: to offer good, automated and secure IT solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. The ability to take greater market share in Sweden is the next important factor, with more resources, power and flexibility.

- WeSafe will be the springboard and foundation for Uphead's presence in Sweden. We are proud of that," says Fritzon.

Finally, Fritzon points to corporate culture and career opportunities for WeSafe employees.

- The corporate culture at Upheads is very similar to that of WeSafe. It feels genuine and strong, while also putting the customer at the center. Our employees will also have significant development opportunities as we get bigger.

- Upheads has had a clear ambition to enter the Swedish market. WeSafe is the missing piece of the puzzle to give us the presence we have been aiming for. Together, we have a unique opportunity to achieve our vision of becoming a leading supplier to the SME market in the Nordic region," says Upheads CEO Bjørg Tomlin.

- We get into Sweden faster when we do this. Otherwise it would have taken us several years," confirms Uphead's founder, owner and business developer, Ove Rydland.

Growth without growing pains

Even with record growth and acquisitions, Upheads are busy with controlled expansion.

- We will create a solid foundation for further growth. We are always interested in opportunities that arise, but are primarily interested in the long term and want to build quality over time," says Rydland.

- "WeSafe will bring a lot of experience and expertise, and with WeSafe we have found the perfect partner. They have the same ambition, mentality, even humor as we do," says Tomlin.



For further information:

Peter Fritzon, CEO WeSafe AB

peterfritzon@wesafe.se, tel. 040- 626 75 02

Per Liljenberg, CSO WeSafe AB

perliljenberg@wesafe.se, tel. 040- 626 75 01

Martin Liljenberg, CTO WeSafe AB

martinliljenberg@wesafe.se, tel. 040-626 75 03

Sofia Hägerklint
Sofia Hägerklint

Marketing Manager

040 - 6267508sofiahagerklint@wesafe.se

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