WeSafe wins Microsofts global partner award Modern Workplace for SMB 2021

We are proud to announce that WeSafe has won Microsoft’s partner award, The Modern Workplace for SMB 2021, in competition with 64,000 other Microsoft partners worldwide. We receive the award for our ability to develop and deliver innovative customer solutions with maximum business value using Microsoft’s cloud services.

Since we live and breathe Microsoft’s cloud services 24/7, few things make us happier than being named Partner of the Year by Microsoft themselves. And to receive the award in such a strong international competition feels very honoring. For our employees, where many have been with us for a long time, it’s an excellent credit that means a lot. We win this award together, and we want to thank them all for their hard work. It’s also an important mark for WeSafe as a company, proving that the services we deliver are relevant and make a difference for our customers.

About The Modern Workplace for SMB Award

The Modern Workplace for SMB is one of the categories in Microsoft’s annual partner award, which got 4,400 applications from around the world this year. The partners who receive the award are companies that develop innovative services and work closely with their customers to deliver business value using Microsoft technology. To earn The Modern Workplace for SMB Award, the partner has helped its customers to digitalize and shift to modern solutions in the workplace in a good and efficient way. The winning company has also reached a high revenue growth.

Microsoft is our primary partner, and today we base almost all of our products on Microsoft’s cloud platform. We specialize in Microsoft 365 and Azure, and as an important reason for the award, Microsoft highlights our exceptional work in delivering successful customer solutions based on these cloud services. Our unique and innovative services create modern workplaces where our customers can maximize their productivity, safety, and competitiveness by utilizing the technology to the full.

With a focus on the modern workplaces of the future

Helping our customers develop their workplaces with modern technology has been a top priority for a long time. And during the pandemic, this has become even more important. Therefore, we’re extra proud to be named partner of the year in the Modern Workplace for SMB category. It shows that we’ve delivered great solutions in line with Microsoft’s vision and goals that help our customers work more efficiently in their everyday lives. And we want to give a warm thank you to all our amazing customers – you’re a big reason we’ve achieved this award.

The award gives us lots of energy to continue developing our services in the future. Together with Microsoft, our goal is to deliver the best possible solution to you as a customer so that you can reach your full potential. Join us on the journey to smarter, smoother, and safer workplaces!

But first it’s time to celebrate!