Who is WeSafe?

Born in the cloud, we live as we learn, helping you maximise your investment in Microsoft cloud services

About WeSafe

WeSafe started in the cloud in 2013 and has since then helped our customers solve the equation, by reallocating time and money from operations to innovation, to ensure that IT becomes a critical competitive advantage.

The advance of digitisation has changed the playing field and opened up new opportunities for IT to move from being a support function to a central role in business development. To help you on this journey, we spend a lot of time and commitment getting to know you, and getting a clear picture of your work processes. Only then can we understand the challenges you and your employees face on a day-to-day basis, and what it will take for you to achieve your goals. With that insight, coupled with in-depth knowledge of the possibilities offered by the Microsoft cloud platform, we help you make the most of technology to realise new business opportunities.

Everyone offers Microsoft cloud services but few have it as their main focus

As in sports and many other fields, you get good at what you focus on, and our focus is Microsoft cloud computing, simple as that. Since we were born in the cloud, our entire organisation is built around today's services. That's not least about those of us who work at WeSafe. The people who best run servers are rarely the same people who are best suited to develop new IT solutions with a focus on the business. We at WeSafe have the experience and skills to implement business-supporting solutions that focus on business benefits and competitiveness.

We hope to show why over 400 organizations already choose to work with WeSafe to develop their business. Contact us and together we will ensure that you will not be the one who is content with "IT just working" but one of the successful companies that see IT as a core process and are able to create value with the help of digital technology.

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