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Work efficiently, smoothly and securely with Microsoft Cloud Services and WeSafe as your long-term IT partner.

WeSafe offers new business opportunities

The rise of digitalisation, led by Microsoft, has changed the playing field for individuals and businesses. IT is not a support function but has a central role in the DNA of companies and business development. We are fully focused on Microsoft cloud services and know the possibilities Microsoft cloud platform offers.

Microsoft 365

At WeSafe, we always start from your company's work processes, challenges and objectives. Based on our experience and knowledge of the possibilities offered by the Microsoft cloud platform, we help you to make maximum use of the technology to realise new business opportunities.

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Microsoft Azure

At WeSafe, we ensure efficiency, control and security in your Azure environment. We ensure that your environment continuously evolves with the platform to ensure that you as an organisation can get the maximum benefit from the services.

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Other services

With our experience and knowledge of the Microsoft cloud platform, we help you and your organisation to make the most of technology to create new business opportunities. Because we were born in the cloud, our entire organisation is built around today's services.

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Bring your colleagues together in a WeSafe Workshop to take the next step in working smarter, smoother and more securely in Microsoft 365 and Azure.

Organisations with over 500 employees can apply for Microsoft Workshops, read more and apply here!

Microsoft 365 is a great solution, with many features and areas of use. We'd love to give your employees a flying start or the opportunity to develop your existing usage. Microsoft 365 simplifies and supports processes and tasks, creating a smoother way of working.

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It comes as no surprise that security today is an extremely important challenge for companies to solve. Over the course of half a day, there will be demos on the latest technologies with scenarios showing how modern methods solve the challenges companies face in their daily operations.

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At a Discovery Workshop, we want to find out what benefits your organisation can gain from using Microsoft Azure. Running a workshop requires careful planning both before and after the workshop.

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We will conduct a workshop with you to find out more about your applications and translate your needs into the right solutions within Microsoft Azure. We compile the results in a report. The goal is to give you a good basis for deciding whether Azure is the right platform for you.

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WeSafe evaluates your security and helps you achieve a goal that is tailored to your organisation's use and needs. This includes the people, processes and technology you use. We also ensure that you comply with the stringent requirements of the GDPR.

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The workshop is aimed at those who are familiar with the GDPR and have a basic insight and understanding of the regulation and its meaning. You use or want to start using Microsoft cloud services. WeSafe will help you take advantage of the powerful solutions Microsoft offers.

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New workshop: taking the next step with Microsoft Azure.

Training and web meetings - for those who want to learn and develop

For those who want to learn more and develop in a specific part of Microsoft 365, we at WeSafe offer several opportunities. We offer ongoing live webinars, but also recorded webinars. We also hold web meetings tailored to your needs and circumstances around a specific topic. If you are interested in more in-depth training, you can purchase these for you and your colleagues. Take a look at our range and don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or further requests for training courses.

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Many managers usually have a vision of what they want to be and how they want to be perceived. In many cases, they lack a strategy and the measurable goals that show what employees will actually do to bring the company closer to the vision. With Viva Goals, you can easily get all employees working towards the same goal.

"WeSafe Intranet" is the perfect service to create a simple and user-friendly platform for communication and collaboration within your company. You can access intranet communications and corporate resources directly in Teams, regardless of your device.

We maintain the security of your Microsoft 365 environment by monitoring your organisation's environment. We act as soon as we receive an alert and fix the problem.

With Power Platform's business applications, functions and automations can be created by the employees, for the employees. Power Platform opens up new ways for our employees to improve their own business processes.

Are you looking for meeting room technology, business telephony, print and scan solution. Or are you curious about the possibilities of Teams Room, together with Workflow we develop and streamline your everyday life.

As part of the agreement, we ensure that your apps and processes are optimised and kept up to date with platform developments and new releases.

With Microsoft Power Apps, we create customised apps for your organisation. WeSafe builds professional apps, to help you streamline and grow your organisation.

In recent years, the way we work has changed fundamentally. We need to be able to do our work whenever and wherever it is needed. Microsoft 365 has become more or less a standard to meet these demands. A new challenge has become managing the platform which is in constant evolution.

The new working world requires an ever-increasing range of devices and apps to maintain productivity. The increased use of mobile devices, coupled with the increasing merging of the personal and work spheres, means that your organisation's information assets are being exposed in entirely new ways.

Users in your organisation collaborate on documents and email both internally and externally. This means that information is not always protected in one place, but can move between users, apps, devices and services.

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