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Did you know that companies that implement artificial intelligence (AI) have proven to have a competitive advantage over their competitors? By using AI, your business can streamline your operations, improve the customer experience and increase profitability. By implementing AI technology, your business can automate tasks, gain a better understanding of your customers and make more informed decisions based on data. So if you want to take your business to the next level, it's time to consider implementing AI.

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Many company leaders often have a vision of what it should be and how it wants to be perceived. In many cases, there is no strategy and no measurable goals that show what employees should actually do to bring the company closer to the vision. With our offer WeSafe Goals, you can easily get all employees to work towards the same goal.

We maintain the security of your Microsoft 365 environment by monitoring your organisation's environment. We act as soon as we receive an alert and fix the problem.

In recent years, the way we work has changed fundamentally. We need to be able to do our work whenever and wherever it is needed. Microsoft 365 has become more or less a standard to meet these demands. A new challenge has become managing the platform which is in constant evolution. Read more about one of our most popular services right now!

Viva Connections - Intranet in Teams gives you access to intranet communications, corporate resources and employee communities directly in Teams. You also get an interface that extends from your company's graphical profile to your digital workplace, all in one place.

The new working world requires an ever-increasing range of devices and apps to maintain productivity. The increased use of mobile devices, coupled with the increasing merging of the personal and work spheres, means that your organisation's information assets are being exposed in entirely new ways.

With our Microsoft 365 as a Service offering, you get the tools, process and structure you need to optimise the use of the Microsoft 365 platform. We measure and analyse your organisation's use of the platform and how the different elements are configured.

With Azure as a service, we cost-effectively take care of the operation of your Azure environment to optimise your usage. With standardised settings and processes, we ensure efficiency, control and security in your environment.

Virtual desktop for your organisation. Microsoft's Azure Virtual Desktop lets you run the full Windows 10 environment on a virtual desktop in the cloud. Everyone, including those using applications and business systems in a remote desktop environment, has full support for Microsoft 365 and applications like Onedrive and Teams, on the device of your choice.

Since its inception, we have specialised in Microsoft cloud services and how they can take IT from a support function to a central role in business development. Our clear focus and specialisation has given us important experience and excellence in the field.

We know that lost data can be very costly. This can include external factors such as viruses and ransomware, but also unfortunate user mistakes. As a Microsoft 365 user, you have a built-in "default backup" to recover lost or deleted items within a time-limited period.

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