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We would like to thank all our customers for your loyalty and support. We are now turning 10 years old and we want to celebrate it with you!

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Viva Goals

Get 50% discount on Viva Goals (regular price 39 000 kr)

Microsoft Viva Goals is, as the name suggests, part of Microsoft Viva, a collaborative platform for modern hybrid working, to use Microsoft's words.

Viva Goals makes it possible to ensure that all teams are in sync and working towards the same overall goals.



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Power Apps

Get an app of your choice for free from our library.

In Microsoft Power Apps, we build professional apps for you and your organisation, apps that easily connect to your existing systems. We offer apps for contract and absence management, among others.


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We offer 8 hours of free support from our customer experience team, which you can use whenever you want.

Our Cloud Advisors will help answer your questions and guide you in the right direction through the management of your problems.


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