We are launching a new licensing portal for our customers, WeSafe Cloud Marketplace

Now we can finally tell you about our latest launch which we are very proud of. Sharing news is always fun, but especially fun is news that makes life easier for our customers. And now we have just such a news to offer.

We have recently launched a new and improved cloud-based licensing portal for our customers, WeSafe Cloud Marketplace. It gives you a total overview of everything related to your company's Microsoft licenses - numbers, costs, passwords and anything else you want to keep track of. So say hello to a modern, transparent hub with convenient self-service services that you can access at your convenience.

Manage your Microsoft licences yourself

With Wesafe Cloud Marketplace, you can take care of a lot of your user licensing yourself instead of having to rely on us. In the self-service service you can, for example, purchase additional licenses if your office grows, remove licenses for employees who have left(only at the end of a contract, read more here) and reset passwords.

In other words, you don't have to contact our customer service when you want to make changes. Instead, you can make them yourself at your convenience. Anytime, around the clock, without having to take into account our opening hours. You can also buy WeSafe special offers and manage third-party services such as Adobe directly from the portal. All in one place.


Help from both the digital assistant and our staff

The main driving force behind our new portal has been to deliver the most efficient and user-friendly support possible to you, the customer. A large part of our support has previously been via email, chat and telephone. Going forward, the first step in the support line will be a smart AI bot connected to the CMS based on Microsoft Virtual Assistant. An intelligent (and very nice) digital assistant at your service to help you in the best possible way.

If the virtual assistant's help is not enough, you can also make an appointment with one of our staff via the portal. What's more, you can get a direct link to us via Teams, so you can easily get support that way without detours. Last, but definitely not least, you can start a case directly with Microsoft via chat in the portal.



An efficient and cost-conscious supplier

Improving the customer experience is always high on our agenda and developing the new customer portal has been a long and extensive project. But now we've got it all sorted and we're extremely proud to launch an automated self-service service with optimised support.

The reason we're focusing on automation and self-service is to be an efficient provider that frees up our employees' time for more than just customer service. Now they can spend their valuable time, for example, helping you maximise the value of Microsoft cloud services. We also want to minimise costs for you as a customer by automating our processes as much as possible. And of course, we'll live as we learn. After all, a company that helps its customers with automation and digitalisation must also use such solutions itself.

New resource centre complements licensing portal

What will happen to the old customer portal when the new one is in place, you may ask? Well, we can tell you that our old stalwart will live on, but in a different form. As the new portal becomes the hub for self-service and support, the old one will instead become a full-featured resource centre for our customers. There you'll have access to useful templates, instructions, apps, forms and lists, among other things. There's also a comprehensive range of training materials to help you become a better Microsoft user.

In conclusion - welcome to a new and easier working life as a customer of WeSafe! If you have any questions or concerns about the new licensing portal, its features or anything else, just get in touch and we'll help you. Contact us here!

To get to the WeSafe Cloud Marketplace, click here!

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